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Staub $120, Fontignac $112

So with a friends and family discount at William Sonoma I can get a 6Qt Staub round coquette for $120:
Or at BBB with coupon get a Fontignac round 6.5Qt for $112:

I prefer to have a dutch oven that is not made in China and also prefer to stay away from the LeCruset prices so I'm pretty much limited to these two brands, which is fine by me...
I do prefer to have a light colored interior to see the searing of food which the Staub doesn't have...but not sure the Fontignac comes in the light colored interior for that price.

Also - is the 6/6.5qt size big enough to roast a whole 4lb chicken?
The Staub has a 12.5" diameter but can't seem to track down the diameter of the Fontignac....the Staub is 17lbs so I'm not sure at that weight if I'd want to go for an even bigger oven :(
I think the Fontignac is lighter but can't seem to find that info either.

Anyone care to make comments...which would you choose?

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  1. My 5.5 qt Staub has become the go to DO for just about everything. Yes, you can definitely roast a whole 4 lb chicken in it.. I don't, but many others have said they do.

    I have much more love for my Staub than my LC, cannot comment on Fontignac, don't own it.

    1. Hi, 71:

      You have an $8 price differential and probably a zero difference in functionality, so get the one you like. I don't think there is a poor choice here.

      Personally, I would pick the Staub for its luxe look and the doufeu-style lid. But if the cream-colored interior is important to you, get the Fontignac. http://www.fontignac.com/easy-cooking...

      Staub has cachet and status. Fontignac more mystery.


      1. i love those staub pots.. but make sure you can lift it once it's filled with food: they weigh even more than le creuset (never tried to heft a fontignac)

        1. Haha, "fontignac has more mystery..." I like that...

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            It's certainly the road less traveled. Guests will wonder what you know that they don't...

          2. For that price, I'd go with the Staub. Fontignac is also made in France, yes, but Staub has been tried and tested by many more people. A .5 increase in quarts usually translates to about a 2cm increase in diameter. I don't know what that is in inches.

            6qts/12.5" should be more than enough for a chicken. My 5.5qt can fit a nice chicken.

            If the Fontignac is lighter, that means it is thinner, and therefore will not retain heat as well.

            1. I've had a Staub for several years. It's a great dutch oven.

              No experience with Fontignac, but one difference I noted was that it has a plastic knob for a handle on top. Similar handles on Le Creuset pots have cracked, especially when making no knead bread, which requires very high temps.

              1. Love my 5.5 qt Staub. I've made whole chicken in it with no problems. It IS heavier than LC which is why my bigger pieces are LC. I've never had a problem being able to see the color of my seared food or fond in it (I can see it in my bare cast iron pan too.) I have no experience with Fontignac but can tell you that my LC pans discolor with use and time (which is fine by me.) I prefer to use my immersion blender in the Staub as the metal feet tend to make lines in the lighter LC.

                1. I see your link is to the "round wide" cocotte, that's a little different shape (diameter to height) than the standard 5.5 qt cocotte. We have the 5.5 qt and you can do a lot with it. We also have a 9 qt and although it's heavy, it's not unmanagable even when it full, just used it last night, actually it's been in use since Sunday afternoon making multiple batches of soup for the next round of the polar vortex.

                  I'm with Kaleo, I like the "luxe" look of Staub. I don't have a problem with the black interior, and as someone mentioned earlier, I don't like plastic knobs on items that go in the oven and I've been in the plastic business for years, selling to companies that make those plastic knobs. That alone would sway my choice.

                  1. The Staub wide cocotte is not as deep as the Staub Round Cocotte. I'm not sure you could put a chicken in it if you want to use the lid. Make sure to check the depth. I originally was going to order the wide cocotte, but when I looked at it in the store, I decided it wasn't going to work as well for me as the regular round one.

                    I have cooked a whole chicken on my 5.5 qt Staub Dutch oven with the lid. I've been very happy with the Staub.

                    1. Thanks everyone for the input and for bringing up the possible issue of dimensions, fitting a chicken with lid, etc.
                      I went online to WS and checked the dimensions of the 6qt wide round and the 5.5qt regular round and I'm a bit confused...

                      This wide round 6qt cocotte states diameter of 12.5" and 6" deep (uhg, 17lbs)...for $200.
                      This standard round 5.5qt cocotte states 10" diameter, 4.5" deep (weight 12lbs)...for $260.

                      So it seems their smaller one is more expensive?
                      It appears their wide round is definitely deep enough unless that's an error on their website...
                      I get a 40% discount so the prices are very good regardless. I suppose I could call them to confirm dimensions and not have to drive to the store.

                      As for the plastic knob on the Fontignac, I would definitely replace it with a metal one...if I go the Fontignac route but I prefer the Staub at this stage.

                      Thanks everyone!

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                        I just measured my 5.5 qt round staub and it is 4.5" deep without the lid. I thought the wide one was shallower, but perhaps I looked at a different size. The one you linked too says it is a Williams Sonoma exclusive. Assuming the dimensions are right, that is a great price.

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                          I think there might be something wrong with the WS dimensions and weight. Take a look at the two items on the chefs catalog site



                          Click on the details tab.

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                            A lot closer to the same size than I had thought.

                          2. re: 71ailmar

                            I've recently realized that many of the dimensions on the WS website include the lid. That could be why it seems to be deeper than it actually is (the dimension might even include the height of the figure as the knob.) There is a pan I've been interested in that shows a height of 5.5" on the WS website. When I went in to a WS to see it with my tape measure (yes, I go to cookware stores with a tape measure) I measured the pan without the lid at 3".

                          3. Does WS have the LC priced higher than the Staub? I personally prefer the Staub & what an awesome perk to get those prices!

                            1. Just to add to the merriment, note that Fontignac is part of the Staub group.

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                              1. So I went to the chefs catalog site and took a look at the dimensions/weight...definitely different than what WS has. Thanks Stockholm28!

                                So it appears the 6qt wide is 1/4" shorter than the 5.5qt (with lid 6.25" vs 6.5"...without lid 4.25" vs 4.5").
                                The bottom diameter is 1/2" larger in the 6qt wide (9" vs 8.5")....and it's about 1 pound lighter than the 5.5qt.

                                With those dimensions in mind, is the 6qt round wide still appropriate as a general, go-to dutch oven for roasting and searing chicken/meats, making stews, bean soups, etc? I know I can go larger but I'm trying to keep the weight as light as possible and keep the expense down as well.


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                                  I would say yes to your question, the dimensional differences are so small that there shouldn't be issues with using the 6 qt wide as a general go to dutch oven. I've never measured a whole chicken to know how tall it sits in a pot, but for 1/4" surely it would fit.

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                                    I'd say go for it. It is a great price and 1/4 inch is not much difference. Staub is great and you won't regret it. You can always take a tape measure with you when you buy a chicken :)

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                                      You aren't going wrong with either choice. As an owner of both LC and Staub (and of course Lodge un-ECI), I can say I prefer the Staub for its superior finish. The heavy cast iron cooks well, heats evenly, and makes a nice table side serving dish since it retains heat to keep your meal warn throughout service.

                                    2. You really need to see and hold both.

                                      For what it's worth, Staub was started in the 80s specifically to appeal to upscale marketing while Fontignac has been used by ordinary housewives in Europe for decades.

                                      Although the finish on Staub pieces is quite beautiful, I prefer the traditional form of Fontignac and I don't think they are quite as heavy.

                                      It's all about personal fit though...you really need to see both for yourself.