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Jan 21, 2014 08:56 AM

Looking for great food between Leon to Santiago de Compostela, Spain

We would love some suggestions for wonderful places to eat that you have stumbled upon.

We're travelling across northern Spain on bikes the second week of April. I know, crazy Canadians but it's a good excuse to stay in shape for Dinghy racing!

We arrive in Bilbao and have a full day to explore. We're hiring a tour company to take us to 5 or 6 tapa destinations. Can't wait.

The next day we're taking the train to Leon and have the day in Leon to explore on foot.

From there we're on bikes and making lots of stops on the way.

Key places that I know we will definitely be stopping at.
1. Astorga to the
2. mountains of Leon to the Monte de la Cruz de Ferro before
3. descending through Acebo to Molinaseca
4. Villafranca
5. O'Cebreiro
6. Sarria
8.Palas de Rei
9.Monte de Gozo
10.Santiago de Compostela ....on Good Friday:( will everything be closed?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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  1. Some of the prettiest wineries in Spain are in the Bierzo region, which you'll be passing through. Prada a Tope, Paixar, Descendientes de J. Palacios, Dominio Tares… It's a region you could spend a lot of time happily riding around on a bike.

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    1. re: butterfly

      Dear Butterfly,
      Thank you for your insight. We're almost ready to leave for Spain. It looks like we will be having wonderful food along our bicycle route but no Michilin star restaurants. Perhaps you could suggest your favourite place in Bilboa?

    2. When you are in Galicia you should perhaps realise that tapas bars are not a traditional type of business. They are for tourists be they be from Spain or not.
      Monte de Gozo there is very little. If I recall correctly only one hostel or camp site.
      Portomarin is a very small village which you may find around 4 or 5 bars which rely on the Camino trade.
      O'Cebreiro is very small village and you will find it the same as Portomarin .
      So the above you can certainly forget any exclusive with cuisine
      Santiago de Compostela the old centre is very touristy. Head into the new town to find something more authentically Galician.
      What do you mean by everything? The cathedral, restaurants, bars and some museums will not be closed. shops will be. It will be very busy.

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      1. re: Lugosur

        My sincere apologies for my delayed response.
        Thank you for your input. I have come to realize that I cannot have it all. The food I'm sure will be lovely but while on a bicycle I do not expect any pit stops at a Michelin star restaurant:)

      2. Any reports on the places you visited? We will be going to Leon and Santiago in November and restaurant suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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          We had a wonderful time in Leon. We arrived on Palm Sunday and witnessed 3 processions. As far as getting great food it's not an issue. I would recommend wandering into the old walled city and walk past the restaurants in the main square. Find yourself a smaller restaurant.

          Santiago was a blur. We arrived on the Saturday before Easter Sunday with thousands of other pilgrims after a gruelling 70km ride. I was worried that restaurants would be closed. I now think it's a North American mentality. EVERYTHING was open unlike Canada and the USA.

          After 6 days and 320 km, a hot shower was first on our list. We got to the cathedral, took a group photo of our cycle group and headed back up hill through hundreds of people to find our hotel - on bikes. Later we lined up to get our last el Camino stamp and our friends picked us up and took us to a seafood restaurant close to the cathedral. I will try to circle back with a name.

          Overall I found the food less expensive than I thought. It's simple fare and absolutely terrific. I was once wrapped up in the great food experience but this region isn't so "precious". Enjoy the hospitality in Spain first and foremost.

          1. re: pattymac62

            Thanks very much for the report. I am still researching but this is very helpful.