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Jan 21, 2014 06:23 AM

Concord grapes ... where to find in LA?

Looking for concord grapes. So far, I was able to find them twice in 3 years around here.
Wondering if anyone know of specialty store that sells concord grapes more often!


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  1. As an alternative, I'd wait for summer when It's Kyoho Grape season and buy those since they're a fabulous Concord-like grape.

    1. They aren't in season right now. This old thread talks about when to look for them and I imagine that Farmers Markets (if you aren't seeing them in your local grocery stores) like the Santa Monica or Hollywood ones would be great places to find them during their seasonal availability.

      1. The season is incredibly short and I think it begins in August, so you're going to have to wait quite a bit. In season, I've seen them in all the regular supermarkets, Whole Foods, etc.

        1. mattapoisett is right .. kyohos are a concord cross and are much more available ... but still, grapes are a late-summer fruit (depending on growing area).

          1. I've bought them at gelsons before. You also might want to try the concord hybrid they have at farmers markets, I think it's the thomcord. Not quite the same but still good.