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Jan 21, 2014 04:47 AM

Paris - something a little different

Good day

I am going over to paris for a weekend in March. Although i am excited to try some of the bistrots (am thinking Chateaubriand, Clamato perhaps), my wife is really into asian food.

Are there any asian restaurants in paris that anyone could recommend that offer something a little different from what we get in London, for example are there any French/Asian fusion restaurants or, say, a Cambodian restaurant?

Any help grratefull received. Am happy to provide asian restaurant tips in London in return,.


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  1. Would Toyo (French-Japanese fusion by Kenzo's former home cook) be suitable?

    As Cambodian goes, I can only recommend Tricotin, run by a Chinese-Cambodian family, with good Cantonese fare and some native Cambodian dishes like soupe de nouilles maison which, unlike the title suggests, is not a soup. Also Melinda, further down the avenue de la porte de Choisy.

    Very good dim sum can also be had at Tricotin.

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    1. re: Ptipois

      Thanks, Ptipois. Toyo looks a little more than i was aiming at but Tricotin looks right up my street.

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        If Tricotin's right up you alley I've got other ideas. Are you interested in Laotian food?

    2. The sort of place I don't think you can find in London is Ze Kitchen Galerie which some on CH consider French-Asian fusion but I think is a classic French chef who uses a lot of Asian spices, herbs and preparations (raw fish) as well as several Asian kitchen staff or stagieres.

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      1. re: John Talbott

        thanks for the tips. I am staying in the 11th, so was looking at maybe Pierre Sang or Le Mary Celeste to fit the bill. Anyone recommend these?

        I am only there two days and my current plan is

        Lunch (Saturday) - Pierre Sang or Le Mary Celeste
        Dinner (Saturday) - Chateaubriand, Septime or Bones

        Lunch (Sunday) - le Cafe de Musees
        Dinner (Sunday) - Clamato or Le Mary Celeste

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          OK, I've not gotten around yet to Mary Celeste - next week, I think, but I think the world of Pierre Sang Boyer in Oberkampf, James Henry of Bones, the Cafe des (I heard you Parnassien) Musees, Septime and its seafood spinoff Clamato. Inaki Aizpitarte of Chateaubriand (I heard you again Parnassien) is brilliant but unfortunately he's food's answer to John Nash, that is often off the mark.

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            I prefer Mary Celeste for a before dinner glass of wine and snacks. I love Septime but it's Mon. to Fri. only.

            1. re: Nancy S.

              My family last May made a dinner of all the great small plates at Mary-Celeste. It was a nice interlude from the larger meals we ate the rest of the week. Last year they only served food Wednesday-Saturday. Maybe that has changed.