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Supper clubs/underground restaurants in Berlin

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Thoughts about/recommendations for supper clubs/underground restaurants in Berlin? What are the best ones? What are the pluses and minuses of exploring them? This may seem like a silly question, but we're gray-haired--will we feel demographically out of place? Thanks!

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  1. A quick google search turned up this here, which might be a good place to start:


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      This is great--thanks! Have you (or anyone else) been to any of these? If yes, would love to hear….

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        I have not. I once had reservations at one of those private hosted dinners (forget the name now), but they had to cancel on very short notice b/c their kitchen pipe burst.

        That was quite the bummer.

    2. Go to Berlin and just have fun...you won't feel out of place...it's not that kind of city. I always feel like I fit in because no one is staring., and I'm in my 60's.

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        That's a really good point. Living in a college town, it's always so refreshing for my husband and me to go out in Berlin where it isn't unusual at all to see adults *much* older than 25.

        It's just a great city, period.

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          A place recommended to me (just a regular restaurant)
          by several Berlin Germans (and I haven't gotten there yet, but next visit I'll do it) recommend Mutter Hoppe's. They said that it is filled with Germans (and some tourists) and has the good German cuisine.

      2. Please report back on your experiences when you get a chance :-)

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