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Drive MIA to Orlando--anything "don't-miss" close to main highways?

SueFH Jan 20, 2014 09:55 PM

Not looking for true "off the beaten path" experience, but will be with my daughter for a few days and if there's anything unusual or unique (no chains!) along the way, we'd love to check it out. Doing both a dinner and a breakfast time frame so let the ideas fly!

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    INDIANRIVERFL RE: SueFH Jan 21, 2014 11:48 AM

    I figure you are coming up the Turnpike. Stop at Yeehaw Junction and the food at the Desert Inn. Recommend the turtleburger and the homemade cake.

    Might be crowded as there is usually a bluegrass fest this time of year. We suffered through the Fellsmere froglegs this past weekend.

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      herbert1 RE: INDIANRIVERFL Jan 21, 2014 09:05 PM

      Turtle burger?

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        INDIANRIVERFL RE: herbert1 Jan 23, 2014 06:31 AM

        Trust me. It is a Florida Cracker thing.

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        SueFH RE: INDIANRIVERFL Jan 27, 2014 12:35 PM

        Looks, um, interesting. But CH folks haven't ever steered me wrong, so it is on the itinerary! Thanks!

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          crewsweeper RE: SueFH Jan 30, 2014 09:48 AM

          If there's more than 2 cars in the lot and/or more than 4 people in the bar, be prepared to wait 45 minutes or more for your food.

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        notcolloquial RE: SueFH Jan 31, 2014 08:08 AM

        Sorry this is late, but I love me some Tacos al Carbon when I make that drive. It's not right off the highway, but if you're taking 95 it's decently close enough to hit. Well worth it.

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          SueFH RE: SueFH Mar 6, 2014 02:24 PM

          Hey just wanted to report that Desert Inn appears to be under renovation. The tollbooth guy told us it was shut down for code violations. He recommended the Subway at the gas station. Anyway, we went over and had a look. And there were no lights on. But we can still say we were in Yeehaw Junction, which is noteworthy in itself.

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            INDIANRIVERFL RE: SueFH Mar 10, 2014 09:25 AM

            Sorry about that.

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              SueFH RE: INDIANRIVERFL Mar 11, 2014 12:56 PM

              No problem at all, was literally a minute of our day. Just wanted to share in case anyone was following.

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