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Jan 20, 2014 09:23 PM

Help me to buy Green Tea

I'm tired of cheap green tea from local asian supermarkets.
I really like the taste of green tea, I like to drink it really warm (not boiling) I like it's bitter taste, and I like when it's stronger, I despise watery green teas.

I would like to get some quality green tea, but have absolutely no idea where and what to order, I read a bit on forums and on google, but there's just so much info that I get confused.

Could you recommend few kind, average priced green teas, so I could get into it and once I learn what's what then I can move onto more expensive kind.
Also matcha really interests me, and I would love to include it in my order aswell to give it a try, curious on the taste.

If anyone has some idiot's Guide to Green Tea I would appreciate a link :)

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  1. What cheap green, Asian supermarket tea are you drinking? I like Yamamotoyama very much for $2.50 a box.

    1. Japanese green tea or Chinese green tea?

      One of the many reasons of the poor quality of the supermarkert green tea is due to its expiration time. Green tea does not last forever. It deteriorates over time. As such, you should buy from a relatively fresh. You may have tea stores near you.

      I see you may be living close to Toronto. If you like good Chinese green tea, then I recommend you to try "Ten Ren Tea" in Chinatown Toronto. There is one in Pacific East Mall (Richmond) as well. You can go in there and ask about green tea. Sometime, they may able to let you sample a couple of the tea and pick the one you really like.

      If you want to start with a couple of Chinese green tea, then try to ask the staffs about 龍井 (Long-Jing; Dragon's Well) and 碧螺春 (Bi-Luo-Chun; Green Spring Snail).

      I know the staffs sometime will work with you on a few tea, but I am not entirely sure about green tea. Green tea may be too difficult for they to work as "sampling", but ask anyway.

      Ten Ren in Ontario
      454 Dundas Street West
      Toronto, Ontario M5T 1G9
      Tel: 416/598-7872 Fax: 416/595-5080

      330 Hwy 7 East
      Richmond Hill, ONT L4P 3P8
      Tel: 905/881-8896

      4350 Steeles Ave. East, Unit 103
      Markham, Ontario L3R 9V4
      Tel: 905/305-9086

      P.S.: When I was in Toronto Chinatown, I remember there were two tea shops with similar names. One is the real Ten Ren, which sells slightly more expensive tea -- does mean better though. Regardless, you may try both of them if you have time.

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        I'm familiar with Ten Ren in Taiwan (its original home base), and their tea is very good quality.

        1. re: tastesgoodwhatisit

          <I'm familiar with Ten Ren in Taiwan (its original home base), and their tea is very good quality.>

          Yeah, Ten Ren is particularly renown with the 凍頂茶 and 高山茶. Unfortunately for the original posters, these are "Teal tea", not "Green tea".

      2. Check out

        1. Try these guys,good info and good coffee also.