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Special occasion brunch not as pricy as Lacroix

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Looking for Sunday brunch for a group of 8 ranging in age from 20 to 90. Not too loud so the 90 year olds can hear. Several folks are on special diets (weight loss, vegetarian, low cholesterol, etc.) A buffet might work well so there are choices for all, however, a restaurant with a broad menu could also work. Since it's a special occasion it needs to be a nice place and Lacroix would be great if it weren't quite as expensive. A good range would be up to about $40 per person.

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  1. Does it need to be in the city?

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      1. How about Beau Monde? You can pretty much design any type of crepe you want, sweet or savory.


        1. XIX in the Bellevue does a $35pp 3 course brunch, it's a nice room: http://www.hyatt.com/hyatt/images/hot...

          1. Haven't been myself, but Waterworks has a buffet brunch for $40 pp. http://www.thewaterworksrestaurant.com/

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              These are great suggestions. I've been to XIX and the food and view were great but the service that day was not. Has anyone been to Waterworks? There were really mixed reviews on Yelp so I gave up on it but if Chowhounds say it's good then that's good enough for me! We just had lunch at Parc so we may pass on that one even though it's a crowd pleaser.

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                I am not a fan of the food overall at Waterworks, though full disclosure I have not been to brunch there.

                Philadelphia Museum of Art also has brunch , (think Starr runs the catering there.) That might be another possibility.

                Jones and Dandelion do brunch and have a wide range of menu selections.

            2. Just thought of this but not sure if it will work for you. Cuba Libre offers an all you can eat tapas brunch for $26pp (entire table must order). You get to choose from the whole menu, so there is a lot of variety, but if your group is not into Latino food, probably not worth it.


              1. How about The Mildred?

                1. Supper might also be a worthy contender.

                  1. Thanks everyone. We are going to go to XIX. I think it will universally appeal to all diets and ages. Just hoping the service is good that day. Would love to try some of your other recommendations when we have fewer people joining us.

                    1. For future reference, we recently had a very pleasant brunch at Talula's Garden at Washington Square. Definitely "refined" enough for older guests, and a nice menu selection.

                      Haven't myself been to Fork for brunch, but imagine that would be good as well.