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Jan 20, 2014 08:18 PM

New sushi place in Manalapan?

As I was driving home today from Wegman's, I happened to glance over into the strip mall where "Coal Fired Pizza" is (Galleria Mall), and saw a storefront with "Yama Sushi" in large yellow letters. I fail to find anything via Google, but there are a lot of "Yama Sushi" places out there already, including a few in NJ.

Anyone know anything more than me?

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  1. I stopped by today.. door locked.. not much to see inside except one of those "good luck" waving cats.. and it wasn't waving. Honestly couldn't tell if this place was coming or going. Between Bellini Furniture and a "Barber Spa" place.

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      i would assume this will be another non-Japanese owned Japanese place and serve the default Japanese menu (like Mahzu). I would be glad if I am wrong.

    2. Grand opening yesterday.. It is All U Can Eat Sushi.. Nice place, great environment, friendly server. No complain.. 4 out of 5 star if u ask me.

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        Harkens back to Tony Bourdain's first book where he discusses the paradox of "Discount Sushi" and whether you really want to consume it...

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          Just went to the website.

          Adult price for AYCE is $25
          They are charging lunch price for kids ($16) for AYCE which is ridiculous.
          So if my wife and I bring my 2 kids (4 & 6 years old) i am going to pay $82 pre-tax, tips, and drinks. I would gladly drive another 5 minutes north to Tokyo Sushi buffet or head over to one of the Sushi Palace where kids eat free.

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            Thanks for the link. Ambitious menu with lots of choices. Lots of spelling errors. "All You Kan Eat" - cute. Website says "buffet" but appears to be more along the lines of Sushi Palace where you place an order and the food is brought to you.

            I might check this out for lunch tomorrow. I wonder what they'd charge my 13 month old for lunch? :)

            The one question I'm most curious about.. It's $16.95 for lunch and $23-25 for dinner... but the menu is the same for both. So what's the incentive to go for dinner?

            At $16.95, well, I'll give it a shot. No way I'd go for dinner, unless there are bonus items, like uni, or lobster. Tokyo Buffet is $10.99 for lunch, and pretty decent.. that's already a $6 difference. Freehold Grand Buffet is $15 or so for dinner, and their sushi and sashimi, for a buffet, is more than satisfying.

            Tomorrow's a good a day as any. I'll print out that 15% coupon and give it a whirl. Hopefully they have high chairs. :)

            1. re: MarlboroMan

              Well, as promised, I went the next day. Not sure I'll ever go back. It was.. okay.. but just didn't "wow" me.

              My daughter had gyozas.. which she liked. They seemed homemade to me.

              I had the AYCE (Or is that AYKE?) And yes, the only difference between lunch and dinner is the price! So the "bargain" here is to go at lunch.

              No uni, no ikura. Sure, they had hamachi, but only as sushi, and only one piece per order. The salmon sashimi was really cold, which killed the taste. Had the Hollywood roll, which was supposed to be covered with fatty tuna. It was regular tuna. It tasted okay.. but like I said, it just didn't wow me. Most of the specialty rolls all start to sound the same after a while.. some mixture of spicy tuna and crunchies with other stuff.

              I had two orders. A mix of mostly nigiris and sashimi. The spicy tuna was bland (which I got as a nigiri so I didn't have to waste precious stomach space on a roll).

              Hmmm.. there is absolutely NO mention of any AYCE specials on their website now. Did I eat too much? :)

              Oh.. and the other reason I'd probably never go back.. sheer embarrassment. My daughter dropped my keys on the floor. I had her in my lap. I was bending over to get them.. reaching.. stretching, and the whole padded seat cushion came up off the supports.. no, not secured in any way. So, there I am, ass over teakettle, on the floor, daughter okay in my arms, but I knocked over a cup of tea. Waitresses were nice about it, but man.. I still get red-faced thinking about it.

              So now it looks like it's just a regular sushi joint. Which makes my AYCE review kind of moot. :)

              1. re: MarlboroMan

                Are you kidding me? They stopped doing AYCE just like that? How disappointing.

                1. re: joonjoon

                  As I understand from a Yelp review, it was a promotion/grand opening kind of thing. But, really? Less than a week, and no mention of it on the website? Nor did the waitress tell me it was a promo.

                  Oh well, cross this one off the list, for me. It just wasn't that great.

                2. re: MarlboroMan

                  Too bad AYCE is no more. Would've liked to give this place a try. Don't sweat about the cushion situation. The restaurant should've been embarrassed because it wouldn't have happened if they spent a little more money renovating the place.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. for what its worth, I went to Ganga on Rt 34 for the first time and thought the Sushi was really good, it was pricey though for what it was.

              1. Ordered delivery from Yama Manalapan last night - June 13, 2014. Extremely poor service and terrible customer experience. We ordered no scallions yet the sushi was covered in scallions. We ordered spicy mayo (which we were charged for) but behold there was NO spicy may present. They took my credit card over the phone but when the delivery showed up they never ran the card through and I had to come up with the cash unexpectedly. It took forever to deliver despite the order being placed after dinner hours, and to top it all off when i called to complain the manager was not compassionate or pleasant. He offered my 15% off my next visit, which is what their coupons offer anyway. We will never use them again.