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Jan 20, 2014 07:57 PM

Sedona Restaurant Suggestions Desperately Needed for a group of palate savvy - moved from Phoenix board

A group of young women with savvy palates are going to Sedona for a weekend in March, and I am heading up the restaurant bookings! Any suggestions for delicious and memorable experiences are so desperately needed and appreciated! Yelp review in Sedona are flooded by non-"foodies" touting their curated palates- and much to my chagrin I don't believe we're on the same page. The food need not be expensive, just delicious and memorable. Thank you so much for any help!!!!

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  1. On our last trip, West Side Deli and Oak Creek Indian Gardens both provided amazing sandwich experiences. Famous Pizza and Cafe Jose may not be "foodie," but everything tasted great, and the service we received elevated the experience.

    1. Sedona is covered by the Southwest Board - have a look there.

      My recommendation is Elote Cafe.