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Jan 20, 2014 07:54 PM

Snow's coming. What you gonna cook?

I have a problem every year. Weather guessers claim plowable snow is gonna happen. Other than huddle in your bathroom with all those rolls of toilet paper, chugging quarts of milk and scarfing loaves of bread, how do you actually prepare?

I always end up buying a couple days worth of food beforehand and invariably end up the day of the storm looking at what I had bought thinking: "Nah, I don't want that." and end up going out to the store or getting takeout anyway.

This time I bought the makings of a serious spicy, cheesy meatloaf that should not only help heat up the house but lend a nice aroma as well...

How will you guys cope with this weeks "Storm of the Century?"

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  1. we're going to go hard core Italian around here...spaghetti and meatballs, toasted garlic bread, and some fresh chocolate chip cookies to lend the house that homemade aroma

    1. I always stock up on the ABC's of storms.......


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        LOL! I'm with you......but forgot the batteries..!

      2. Lamb stew, wild rice and apple pie

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          .....dang why didn't I see this earlier?

        2. If the storm of the century is heading for Dallas, I missed the announcement, but... that doesn't mean I'm not a survivor! One of the things I do year round is make HUGE pots of soup, then fill 10 ounce paper cups with it, cover with a sandwich bag I push down to make full contact with the surface of the soup so there is no air to breed ice, then put a lid on it and freeze until hungry. This works great with all sorts of stews, chili, just about anything. By choice, I've lived alone for a lot of years now, yet I have never mastered the "art" of cooking for one. It's a lot more interesting to have a freezer full of options when I'm hungry and not interested in cooking. If I lost my freezers I'd either starve to death or be forced to eat a whooooole lot of corn flakes. Yay freezers!

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            If it goes to sub teen or 20's temps then the garage is a giant freezer. Hot soups will not warm your other frozen foods that way.

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              I love my unheated garage/3 car cooler. It makes winter party prep so much easier if I can just stick things out there to chill (I live in MN) and not worry about it.

              1. re: autumm

                Worked with a teacher who grew up in one of the Dakotas. She said LOTS of people had a "dead" washer or dryer on back porch... extra freezer fro several months!

                1. re: kseiverd

                  Where did I just hear the same about old, non-running cars? I have enough space in the garage, but am keeping that in mind too!

          2. Got some butternut squash, gonna make a big soup. Also white potato and sweet potato to bake along with the squash. Happy Warm Yummy.