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Snow's coming. What you gonna cook?

I have a problem every year. Weather guessers claim plowable snow is gonna happen. Other than huddle in your bathroom with all those rolls of toilet paper, chugging quarts of milk and scarfing loaves of bread, how do you actually prepare?

I always end up buying a couple days worth of food beforehand and invariably end up the day of the storm looking at what I had bought thinking: "Nah, I don't want that." and end up going out to the store or getting takeout anyway.

This time I bought the makings of a serious spicy, cheesy meatloaf that should not only help heat up the house but lend a nice aroma as well...

How will you guys cope with this weeks "Storm of the Century?"

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  1. we're going to go hard core Italian around here...spaghetti and meatballs, toasted garlic bread, and some fresh chocolate chip cookies to lend the house that homemade aroma

    1. I always stock up on the ABC's of storms.......


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        LOL! I'm with you......but forgot the batteries..!

      2. Lamb stew, wild rice and apple pie

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          .....dang why didn't I see this earlier?

        2. If the storm of the century is heading for Dallas, I missed the announcement, but... that doesn't mean I'm not a survivor! One of the things I do year round is make HUGE pots of soup, then fill 10 ounce paper cups with it, cover with a sandwich bag I push down to make full contact with the surface of the soup so there is no air to breed ice, then put a lid on it and freeze until hungry. This works great with all sorts of stews, chili, just about anything. By choice, I've lived alone for a lot of years now, yet I have never mastered the "art" of cooking for one. It's a lot more interesting to have a freezer full of options when I'm hungry and not interested in cooking. If I lost my freezers I'd either starve to death or be forced to eat a whooooole lot of corn flakes. Yay freezers!

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            If it goes to sub teen or 20's temps then the garage is a giant freezer. Hot soups will not warm your other frozen foods that way.

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              I love my unheated garage/3 car cooler. It makes winter party prep so much easier if I can just stick things out there to chill (I live in MN) and not worry about it.

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                Worked with a teacher who grew up in one of the Dakotas. She said LOTS of people had a "dead" washer or dryer on back porch... extra freezer fro several months!

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                  Where did I just hear the same about old, non-running cars? I have enough space in the garage, but am keeping that in mind too!

          2. Got some butternut squash, gonna make a big soup. Also white potato and sweet potato to bake along with the squash. Happy Warm Yummy.

            1. This seems more like a Home Cooking post...

              I like stews and soups. I think some curry chicken is in order. Or some ramen. One of my favorite things to do is to make a bowl full of piping hot ramen and eating it outside in the cold.

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                Ended up making an epic pot of lemon garlic chicken!

              2. I made "Pasta e Ceci" - pasta and chickpeas last night and will heat that up. Nice salad and some bread . . . and wine.

                1. Probably venison stew. It is so cold out.

                  1. Soondubu jjigae is bubbling on the stove right now. Was gonna be for lunch but instead will be a late breakfast.

                    Some cranberry muffins later in the day.

                    1. This is our second "Storm of the Century" so far this winter,so I feel pretty prepared.

                      I laughed at your TP/bread/milk comment--so true.

                      I'll pull together some sort of soup/stew and bake cookie. Maybe make bread? I like to use the oven when it's this chilly.

                      Other than that, I have red wine, plenty of firewood and a few books I'm in the middle of reading. Just need my cat and my down comforter on my lap and let it snow!

                      1. Here in New England, snow in January is the norm, no big deal. I do no extra shopping, plenty in the fridge, pantry and freezer.

                        If we lose electricity, then:

                        Cook-top is natural gas, pipeline fed
                        We have city water, no problem flushing toilets and hot water heaters are gas
                        Hot air furnaces will not deliver warm air, BUT main part of house built in 1803, have 5 wood fireplaces for heat and cooking, newer wings of the house have gas fireplaces for comfort.

                        Food will stay frozen outside in boxes, refrigerated items get put in picnic coolers in unheated porch (doesn't fall below 35 degrees F.

                        I have a dutch oven of stuffed cabbage in the fireplace wall oven as I write and foil wrapped potatoes nested by the coals (not because of storm, but saves energy and costs).

                        1. It's winter which means snow so I don't really consider it too much different than any other day. The house is full of meat in the freezer, stock in the fridge so soup is in order and dinner will be steak and mushrooms.

                          1. As the snow started I ran out and skidded my way to the grocery store and loaded up on fresh made salsa and tortilla chips, Italian bread from Arthur Ave., stinky soft cheese, Irish butter, bone in thick pork chops, small, new potatoes, and some German ham and Italian mortadella for some quick sandwiches.

                            The pork chops were browned and thrown in a big pot and covered with home made sauerkraut and thin sliced sweet onions, with a tomato, caraway seeds, black pepper, some cider vinegar, maple syrup, and water. Then simmered until the pork chops were very tender. An hour or so. The potatoes thrown in on top for the last 10 minutes. A tasty dinner for later tonight, it tastes better made early then reheated.

                            Now it's time for an hour walk in the snow and 12F temps. to a local deli to pick up the milk I forgot, for Mexican style hot chocolate using Ibarra hot chocolate disks, cinnamon, and cayenne. (Normally a 4-5 minute walk each way, but I'm going to take the long way round, walking down to the river and lake to enjoy the snow and watch the wildlife, and the animals too.)

                            1. Like many people, I am passing the week living out of our reserves.

                              Yesterday I made green turkey chili using stock from the freezer, cleaning out the fresh veggies from a week ago, and canned beans and some chilies. This will last for another day.

                              Later it's perch (freezer) with compound butter (fridge) and steam vegetables from the freezer.

                              Moving on, then Italian Stallion beef sandwiches all from the freezer.

                              Next pork lo mein all from the pantry, fridge, and freezer.

                              Ending with my coup de gra, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, and roasted chicken all from my freezer.

                              I'm rather proud I didn't have to shop on Saturday.

                              1. When I can, I kinda enjoy going to supermarket before we're ALL GONNA DIE!! Worst snow I can remember here in NJ was back in 90's... something like close to FOUR FEET in one long dump. Families on my cul de sac of 7 houses... stranded for a whole hot 36 hours?? Can ya EAT 6 loaves of bread & 3 dozen eggs in a day and a HALF!?!

                                I just make sure I have the "essentials"... toilet paper, cat food/litter?!? Like to stock up on GOOD snack stuff!

                                To me, snow = PIZZA!! First neighbors were both teachers, so WE had snow days and they made homemade pizza. Remember a storm where snow was drifted up against front doors! Hadda escape out back door, climb over fence OUT of our yard and back over fence INTO their yard... all while balancing pitchers of beer from beermeister!!

                                Have dough rising for pizza or calzones.

                                Had an early dismissal from school at 12:05. Snow didn't start till about 10 but is coming down fast/furious right now. My 15-20 minute MAX drive was over and hour getting home. Don't know what will happen tomorrow with school... will just roll with it.

                                1. Roast chicken. Smells so good, so comforting!

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                                    Great idea, why didn't I think of that? There's a chicken in the freezer but that might take a while to defrost.

                                  2. I must be an inveterate pack-rat. We ALWAYS have plenty of TP and Paper towels......we have soups and other canned goods galore....2 over stuffed freezers.......rice, noodles....BOOZE!!!!!!!!!!!!.

                                    A Propane grill and a small generator, more for hurricane season than winter. Pump water, so a cple of bottles in the fridge and a bleach-tinted 5 gals for the toilets in an "emergency". Batteries, a fireplace and a hell of a lot of trees....some already cut-up to cover for our heat-pump/oil burner.

                                    We'll get by.a bit stinky, a bit "make-do". but here in SEPA, it ain't gonna last the winter!!!!!!!!!!

                                    Too many over-reactors today who then scream when the shelves only have 2 types of bread and the roads aren't pristine enough to eat off of.

                                    Do ppl really need to panic so?

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                                      I suppose we can blame the national news for the panic. They didn't call a snow day "storm of the Century" when I was a kid. We just grabbed our sleds until our Mom made us grab a shovel.

                                      My family is in CA now and even they are calling to see if we're okay...and they all lived on the east coast at one point in their lives!

                                      1. re: HillJ

                                        I feel like snow gets so much more hype these days. What is up with that?

                                    2. Living in Southern California, it is near 80 out, but I very much enjoyed this thread. Thanks.

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                                        Another SoCal here. We're (again) to be in the mid 80s this week, and nary a raindrop in sight. Kind of miss real weather. We actually did a bunch of planting yesterday, and I even asked the nurseryguy if he had any tomato plants in yet.

                                        I'm making mango mint sorbet the day it's to be mid 80s.

                                        1. re: pine time

                                          yah, walking our boobooshka yesterday through the hills with Mission Bay views made me leave my sweater @ home. it's lovely & not complaining but Stockholm Sweden's snow was gorgeous.

                                          1. re: iL Divo

                                            another day of beauty-
                                            beautiful snow...
                                            dinner'll be out tonight.

                                      2. Well in nyc everything is always open and you can still get anything delivered (just be sure to tip well!).
                                        I used the snow as a reason to open my wine as an afternoon snack with some olives.
                                        Dinner tonight looks like my dark red barley miso soup with lots of veggies, tofu, wakame, and some fresh udon i picked up in chinatown.
                                        Dessert will be glass #2 of the lovely reisling, probably some candied ginger.

                                        1. LOLZ.

                                          I too made meatloaf yesterday with a ketchup/brown sugar/balsalmic glaze and served with mushroom gray. Home made garlic mashed potatoes and sauted fresh spinach in olive oil with chili flakes and garlic as sides.
                                          It was awesome.

                                          Tonite is scratch made smooth marinara sauce with hot Italian sausage from my local butcher and sliced salt cured black olives added in over angel hair pasta and garlic bread as a side.

                                          Comfort food 101 this week baybee. Comfort food 101. :-)

                                          Yum-to-the Oh!

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                                            Yeah!..Your place is THE place to be!

                                            OK......It snowed.......had some leftover hamburger from when I made burgers with my patty mold...I just keep tossing them in a bag in the freezer. Took some of them out, fried them with some onion in leftover bacon grease from this morning. Drained it. Threw in some Water chestnuts and Bamboo shoots from a Stir-fry(not fully used) of the other night. Cut up some white asparagus from another dinner.

                                            Made some rice in chicken broth which half-way through added some frozen green beans. Added all that to the pan along with a "sauce" made of some leftover red wine, a cpl of TBS of leftover spaghetti sauce, a splash of Worcestershire, a squirt of hot sauce and a lil cornstarch for thickening.

                                            Pretty?......Dear Gawd no. Tasty? You Betcha! Perfect for watching the flakes flying outside.

                                            1. Over the weekend I made a wonderful chicken paprikash with haluksa.Served it with sliced cucumbers with seasoned rice vinegar as a garnish which helped balance out the richness of my homeland dish.
                                              Had a couple days worth of leftovers.

                                              Gotta fatten up during the long cold winter.

                                              1. Stopped in Acme on my way in to work yesterday and left early. Only 25 miles and over 2 hrs later I made it home with my perfectly chilled groceries. So broccoli and cheddar soup for all today with olive bread.

                                                1. i stock up on frozen food at trader joes. i dont have a car, so getting groceries can be tough during the winter.

                                                  1. I usually stock up on a few things I know I'll want when it's cold and blustery after the holidays. Monday was pork chops stuffed with crimini mushrooms and gorgonzola with a white wine sauce. Today it's going to be slow cook lamb haleem topped with golden onions and spiced brown butter. If I need further comfort this weekend, I've got a sausage pizza from Chicago's venerable Lou Malnati's to take the chill off.

                                                    1. split pea soup. although it's not the tundra here at all, still sounds delish and I have all necessary ingreds (I always do:)

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                                                      1. re: iL Divo

                                                        You always have a ham bone? Or do you use something else?

                                                        1. re: iL Divo

                                                          It is pea soup for me also (ham bone from New Years). I have plenty of booze, coffee, tea. I think I will get ice cream and corn chips before the snow starts.

                                                          1. re: Fiona


                                                            it is feeling Yukon-ish where I am today. I'll see if a resto or bar may have a good hearty soup to warm my insides.
                                                            glad you have all your ingredients as well. that always helps>I'm thankful for well stocked freezers and a pantry the size of Texas. rarely out of anything but when I am I improvise.

                                                        2. Our Storm of the Century was only 5 inches and that was 5 too many for me!! We just got another inch this am.

                                                          I am cooking chicken parts today, probably just good ole fried chicken.(flour, poultry seasoning, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt,pepper, cayenne in a bag, then play shake n fry). My southern Mom's recipe.

                                                          1. Call up the high end restaurant you've always been wanting to go to but could never get reservations to and see if they're open and have cancellations. I used to do this when I lived in DC --of course the volume of snow is wimpier, and I was in reasonable walking/sliding distance to most places (and the metro usually runs when there is snow). I got some great meals that way, whereas advanced reservations would have been impossible, and experienced some good comeraderie: customers and staff bond over their heartiness.

                                                            1. Meatloaf and tuna casserole. It's been on the agenda all winter but now that they just upped us a couple more inches, I think it's time for survival type food!

                                                              Friday I expect to be snowed in, so it's roast chicken and curried shrimp apps for Valentines.

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                                                              1. re: coll

                                                                ....I read that incorrectly.....put tuna&meatloaf together and make a casserole....woooo,....I'll apply for new eye prescription soon

                                                                1. re: iL Divo

                                                                  Sorry I should have put a comma in there! Meatloaf tonight, and tuna tomorrow probably. this is gonna be a multi day storm apparently.

                                                                  1. re: coll

                                                                    ..............oh thank The Lord :)

                                                              2. Traveling to NYC where I will let others cook for me! even changed my ticket to beat the snow!

                                                                Poor husband will be all alone :( Hopefully he will enjoy his freedom but not get snowed in without. He has plenty of eggs and bread. Milk and kitty litter not so much.

                                                                Never fails though, my shopping day is always the day of the storm or the day before it. Never happens the day after I go.

                                                                1. Chili. I bought everything I needed for it Monday night. My original plan was to make it tonight and have leftovers for the rest of the week. Not it looks like we're going to get overnight snow and I'll be off tomorrow. So I'll cook it tomorrow afternoon or early evening instead.

                                                                  1. We're about to get slammed AGAIN here in NYC - luckily the stores near me never close, but I should probably go to the grocery store tonight to get a few things just so I can avoid going out in the slush tomorrow. In my neighborhood, the item that gets cleared out fastest is tortillas - lucky for me, I have plenty already!

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                                                                      I will be in NYC with my snow boots! :) Hopefully I won't be freezing my tailfeathers off.

                                                                      1. re: melpy

                                                                        You'll be fine! The city gets messy but its great for dining out since restaurants get a lot of cxls. Download the Uber app, cabs get scarce in crap weather.

                                                                      2. re: biondanonima

                                                                        hey Biond, how is the weather there? checking today it said a huge snow blow is coming to NYC....is it there yet?
                                                                        if not when's it supposed to arrive? sorry OT

                                                                        1. re: iL Divo

                                                                          It's gearing up to be a mess, from what I hear. It was frigid this morning but it warmed up a bit throughout the day - just enough so that we're going to get a ton of nice sloppy, wet snow in the morning, rain at midday and then more snow in the afternoon/eve tomorrow. They're calling for 6-10 inches of accumulation, maybe more if the storm stalls. Can't wait.

                                                                      3. Gravy with meatballs and hot & sweet sausage. Nice-a big salad, and home-made semolina garlic bread. Not sure about dessert. I've got some rhubarb from last summer, so maybe a pie?

                                                                        1. Ice and snow here today. I pulled a meatloaf out of the freezer. I'm baking that along with some baked potatoes.

                                                                          1. All I did was cook yesterday to stop from going nuts in the house - baked a cake, then bread, then ham and sides - made some icecream.

                                                                            Next time I get snowed in I am making Pasta.