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Jan 20, 2014 07:50 PM

Jacksonville/St. Augustine Florida notes

Lots of kosher options here. Not restaurants, but opportunities to buy food. Jerusalem Deli/Pizza Grocery in Ormand Beach is about an hour and half north east of Orlando. Wanted pizza, but the pizza guy left early (it was only 4 O'clock). Had Shnitzel, Jerusalem mixed grill, brisket sandwich, chicken fingers (as always) and a falafel. The food was good. Pita was very good. Chumus good too. Expensive, but that's how it goes out of NY. The Shul down the road is beautiful and has a daily minyan. Found great options in the WynnDixie in St. Augustine as well as (surprisingly) the Publix in Ponte Vedre beach where we were staying at the Marriott Resort. The Publix had Meal Mart chop meat, franks, prepared brisket meal, buffalo wings, egg rolls, plus a host of other frozen kosher foods including...wait for it... schmaltz! We passed on the Schmaltz, but got a great variety for our bbqing on the grill we brought from home. They had frozen empire chicken as well. Dairy/Pareve options like Dr. Praegers meals, pierogen, blintzes, breaded mozzarella sticks, soups. We went to sleep quite stuffed. We hear that there's more kosher at the Jacksonville supermarkets, but we don't need it now. 70 degrees tomorrow. :)

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  1. I've been going to St Aug for about 20 years to see clients and family. Anyone reading your post should be aware that the selection in the supermarkets varies by season. When the snow birds leave, the selection of meats/poultry drops considerably.
    Also it is very important to check the expiration dates on those frozen selections, as turn is not great.
    We often schlep food from up north, and family makes monthly shopping runs to Savannah or Orlando.

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      Would love to get to Savannah, but it is not in the cards this time. Seeing Billy Joel tomorrow night in Jacksonville. Must stay around there. Good point on the seasonal thing. I didn't think of that.

    2. I think every supermarket in Fla carries schmaltz. :-)