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Jan 20, 2014 07:33 PM

How can I make clear juice?

So I came across an article about clarification for juices. It didn't say how it is done though, just that it keeps the flavor with aiding in cutting down on foaming in bottle carbonation. I was just wondering if anyone knows how to do it. Simple as that.

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  1. You could try a superbag, or gelatin or agar clarification. The gelatin or agar method involves setting your liquid with one of the thickeners, freezing, then allowing to thaw slowly, dripping the clarified liquid through cheesecloth.

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    1. re: babette feasts

      there is an agar-based variation presented at which does not require freezing. You do need to still set the gel, but it gets treated like making tofu before straining.

      I used this technique on a pink watermelon and cantaloupe to make several chilled soups last year.

      to the OP: if you had access to a superspeed centrifuge, juice clarification gets even easier.

      1. re: wattacetti

        I believe I came across that site when I was looking for how to do all this.

        Since you've done it before, do you lose a lot of juice when using that technique or is it relatively close to the same amount you started with? And sadly no I don't have access to a centrifuge

        1. re: Pwelsh4

          How sloppy are you? This is a serious question because it plays to recovered volume.

          The recovery volume is quite high; significantly higher than gelatin syneresis and slightly lower than agar syneresis but without the freeze-thaw steps. I didn't measure but I'd say I was getting to 90% because I pre-filtered my fruit slurries through a superbag before starting the agar step. The fewer solids you have to start with, the less you lose.

          1. re: wattacetti

            I wouldn't say that I'm sloppy but I'm not always the cleanest.

            So the steps you did was use a superbag first then the agar? Also by fruit slurries I'm assuming you blended the fruit first?

            I'm all kind of new to this idea so I'm not entirely sure of what everything is.

    2. This is something I'm completely unfamiliar with. By clear do you mean truly colorless and transparent, or do you mean free of pulp? Like I said, call me clueless.

      1. I use different hydrocolloids like agar agar, plus a 4x250ml centrifuge running at 4200 rpm. I may also run it through a small, buchner hand vacuum filter as well to polish it.

        I picked up a used $10k centrifuge on ebay for under $500 including shipping. But one has to be careful about buying these and get them checked out by a licensed tech. A damaged centrifuge can be exceedingly dangerous.

        In the photo below is what fresh squeezed orange juice looks like after treating with agar agar then running through the centrifuge. It tastes exactly like fresh squeezed juice. Also the solids can be used for other things when clarifying. When I clarify syrups the paste left over can be used in foods, sauces, etc. With the fresh OJ the solids, when infused in high proof neutral spirits for a few days, then filtered, made an interesting orange bitters.

        Several websites cover this in detail.