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Jan 20, 2014 07:06 PM

Have you ever attended dinner at a underground restaurant ?

One of those supper speakeasies, that a chef will hold at some clandestine location with invite only. Not asking for any names or locations. Just would love to hear about the food and drinks served. Sounds fun.

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  1. Yes, I did it once. The interesting thing was that the food was somewhat ordinary in terms of technique and ingredient combinations, but what was getting the others excited was the chance to eat things that were "difficult to come by". Pata negra and select raw milk cheeses that I have straightforward access to here were a big part of the night.

    Drinks were BYO.

    1. I did a few years back- it was the summer in the middle of wherethehellami brooklyn, in the backyard with a very seasonal menu. I remember a chilled white gazpacho starter, lots of sangria, and an impressive paella made on the grill.
      It was an eclectic group of people, the chef had been recently let go from a fine dining restaurant and his wife was a wonderful hostess.

      There's an interesting site (totally legit) that's a similar idea, i went to one here in nyc that was an amazing middle eastern meal:

      1. I've bben to several in St. Louis, usually with Chef John Perkins of entree. Food was always interesting, and almost every dish was off the charts good. Spoiled me for other restaurants, I think because everything was a unique idea, fresh ingredients, and small service. He eventually opened a permanent place (juniper in STL), which is also great.

        Always interesting places, and always interesting food. Get into it if you can!