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Jan 20, 2014 06:38 PM

Lunch for 50 at ville st. Laurent or Cartierville

Seeking a good Italian resto around my neighbourhood for a Springtime family affair. There'll be around 10 to 15 kids age 2 to 12 and a couple of grandmothers with dietary issues ( gluten and dairy free). Right now, I have only La Piazza / Le Challenger. Italian best idea, since kids will never say no to pizza and pasta and the food is easy enough for my Chinese family and my hubby's Italian, so good Italian is best. Any ideas? -JL

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  1. La Molisana on Fleury is good.

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    1. re: gds514

      Thanks, gds514. Website does look good. We never looked at Fleury because of parking (or lack of). Right now, on our list is La Piazza, Ottavio, Vino Rosso, Le Bordelais... Bonus if the resto can accommodate gluten-free (as the first two say they do). We liked Il Boccalini too, but a tad pricey last time we looked for an event 5 years ago.
      We've got folks who'd appreciate a Bring Your Own Wine place - Ottavio looking better and better... Anyone know if the Laval or VSL place is better? And bad strikes against it?

      1. re: KillerMing2009

        Check out Vivaldi's in Perrefonds, on Gouin west of the 13. BYOB and very responsive to dietary considerations. Also very reasonable.

        1. re: JohnnyGe

          Thanks, JohnnyGe.
          It's on our list now. I was worried about finding a place, now we actually have a good number to check out for pricing and location!