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Gwynnett St. now "Lachlan Gastropub"

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Gwynett St. just informed their Facebook followers that they've changed concepts and changed names. They're now "Lachlan Gastropub", featuring the work of Chef Alexis Krisel, ex-Allswell, and a "French national". The whiskey bread remains on the menu, but little else.

Looks as if Gwynett St.'s trials and tribulations have come to this: one of 2012's best new restaurants is now a neighborhood gastropub. Time will tell if it can survive.

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  1. A bizarre story gets even weirder.

    1. I'm guilty of multiple spelling errors here. Obviously, it is "Gwynett St." that has become "Lachlan".

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        We updated the thread title for you. You can always Flag this sort of thing for us, if you're outside of the 2 hour edit window. We're happy to help!