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Jan 20, 2014 06:33 PM

Gwynnett St. now "Lachlan Gastropub"

Gwynett St. just informed their Facebook followers that they've changed concepts and changed names. They're now "Lachlan Gastropub", featuring the work of Chef Alexis Krisel, ex-Allswell, and a "French national". The whiskey bread remains on the menu, but little else.

Looks as if Gwynett St.'s trials and tribulations have come to this: one of 2012's best new restaurants is now a neighborhood gastropub. Time will tell if it can survive.

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  1. A bizarre story gets even weirder.

    1. I'm guilty of multiple spelling errors here. Obviously, it is "Gwynett St." that has become "Lachlan".

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        We updated the thread title for you. You can always Flag this sort of thing for us, if you're outside of the 2 hour edit window. We're happy to help!