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Jan 20, 2014 05:21 PM

Grilled Cheese Donuts?

Apparently this place just opened in Freehold

Haven't seen it yet but heard it's in the former location of New England Hot Dog in the Burlington Coat Factory shopping center.

According to their web site, they're a franchise operation who received some financial backing after appearing on Shark Tank.

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  1. I was intrigued, until I looked on the site and read this:

    " We use Midwest tomatoes for the best quality tomato soups."

    Clearly the people behind the chain have no idea about good tomatoes, and this statement may offend many a Jersey-ite.

    1. Probably owned by a heart surgeon who needs a new Benz every year.

      1. My wife and I dined here after seeing it on a friend's facebook page. The owners were very polite, and explained that we happened to show up on the second day they where open. We had a minor mishap with ordering, but the owners quickly took care of it, and where very apologetic and wanted to make sure everyone was taken care of. Understandable with the staff being new and everything.

        The food was very good. The bread crispy and the ingredients tasted fresh. Some really interesting combos on the menu and you can build to order.

        We had a Grilled Mac and Cheese with Bacon, a roast beef grilled cheese with onions on rye (my favorite out of the ones we tried). And a daily special grilled cheese called the OMG, Its been a week or so since we've been there, so I can't remember everything on it, but it was basically the kitchen sink. It was also very good. I got it since it included Goetta, which I had never tried before, and it was quite good and an interesting texture.

        We tried two donuts. the strawberry lemonade, and the blueberry blue (as sampled by Adam Richman on MVF). I really enjoyed the Strawberry Lemonade, it was delicate and full of flavor. The outside of the donut actually gets pretty crispy and bagel-like.

        Next time I will try the plain cheddar doughnut.

        I've never really been a big tomato soup fan, so I sort of used some of my wife's as a dipping sauce for the grilled cheese.

        Some critiques: It seems like this style of grilled cheese with all the toppings in it lends it self to being more like a grilled sandwich, as opposed to the Jersey Diner Style where it is oozing and next to impossible to split open.

        They are a bit on the small side, its a grilled cheese, not a giant sub. Nature of the beast I guess.. so I had to order two sandwiches.. or maybe add the double decker layer.

        My next critique might be more of a stab at the corporate menu. Since the sandwiches are a bit on the less than hearty side, I was wishing I could order a nice side of fresh fries or onion rings or something like that... maybe its just because I'm a fat guy and like diners.. ?

        Anyways.. all in all, I like the place, and in my opinion, its a welcome addition to the area. It beats pretty much everything at the mall in the fast food category.

        Oh.. we saw a high school kid try the 13 donut challenge... he didn't finish, and didn't look good going out the door. Maybe he should start with like 6 and work his way up next time :-P

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          Fun review. I've been making grilled mac and cheese and mac and cheese burger at home for decades so I'll be curious to try what the 'competition' has to offer. I'm kinda happy to read the portions aren't too crazy, a grilled cheese is pretty rich. And I am gathering from your review the donut category is sort of their dessert menu, yes?

          1. re: HillJ

            here is the menu: http://production-current.outofagency...

            They have a plain donut and cheese, and a few sweet varieties. But you can build a grilled cheese with any of their toppings (savory or otherwise).