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Jan 20, 2014 04:38 PM

great malaysian restaurant

rasa is a new restaurant located on 8th st. between 5th and 6th ave. and is true to its name which means taste in malaysian. it serves authentic malaysian fare like beef rendang (the best I've tasted), and chili crab unusual because done with a soft shell crab (yummy!) in a delicious tomato, egg and chili sauce best sopped up with the pillowy fried mantou it comes with. also try the curry puffs - bite-size empanadas with a curry filling. can't wait to go back for more! it is in the middle of transitioning from japanese sushi place.

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  1. I've been meaning to get there. I like the food at their sister restaurant Laut. The Rasa manager was manager of Laut.

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      Not really a sister restaurant; apparently Camie Lai and her partner sold Laut before Rasa opened ...

    2. Yes, I've eaten there twice and recommend it highly.

      1. I believe rendang hails from Padang, Indonesia...

        though, if rasa has decent (Singaporean) chili crab, it might still be worth a shot.

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          I've been to Rasa several times already. If you pick the Malyasian or the Singapore dishes you will love it. I don't want to repeat myself, because there were other threads on this place and maybe I commented ( i don't remember), most of the Caucasian clientele , it seems order sushi rolls. It seems to be a money maker for the restaurant. I think it was a Japanese restaurant before Camai took over, and they kept the Japanese dishes .
          Camai's ( Malaysian/Chinese) sister lived in Singapore for many years and is a big influence on them making the Singapore dishes with the right taste.
          The chili soft shell crab, tastes great, but usually made with hard shell crabs. The Hainanese chicken is juicy and flavorful, and a great dish. Roti Canai is something I just like a lot. The laksa is really good but you have to ask them for it spicy otherwise it will have no heat. This is a good restaurant, I am now a regular there.