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DineLA Winter 2014

My 2nd go at this - slightly more detailed post here: http://oheithere.wordpress.com/2014/0...

I know I’m a little late in posting this, but I was bedridden all of the past weekend, and some restaurants still haven’t posted their dineLA menus online (as of Monday morning). For this season’s dineLA picks, there will be 18 new selections, some of which are classic standbys that I’ve previously failed to acknowledge, as well as some restaurant week rookies that appear to be taking the court by storm. I’ve also tried to include a sentence or two about my reasoning behind each selection, and some random notes scattered throughout the post (about past selections, observations, etc.).

First of all, however, a minor rant. I have no idea if the number of participants is lower than last summer’s, but in terms of the number of options that appealed to me seem much lower, particularly at the lower price points at lunch and dinner ($15 & $25, respectively). Of course, that’s just personal opinion. I’m sure that there are plenty of other options not mentioned here or that I dismissed that would please plenty of others.

Second, there is a group of 6 participants entering at a new dinner price point of $85. These are essentially your fine-dining restaurants that are offering a 4-to-5-course prix-fixe at a discounted price. I thought that this was a great idea, as it gives us a commoners an easier way of approaching these places without necessarily lessening the experience. Also, specifically with Patina/Spago, it eliminates the need for $$$$ restaurants that want to participate to dumb and cut down the menu, all while avoiding the massive crowds that would’ve flocked to the $45 price point.



The Larder at Burton Way
Optimal Lineup:
- market lettuces, cucumbers, radishes, herbs
- the argentine
- seasonal fruit buckle
Estimated Savings: $9
Notes: pretty standard American fare a la sandwiches and salads that is plentiful in these parts of town, but this is a Goin/Styne restaurant (the original Larder is attached to Tavern in Brentwood, which I previously recommended as a $25 lunch option). At $15, you’re basically getting the salad and the fruit for free – it’s arguably the best deal at this price point, but I’m sure that’s just Chef Goin’s way of getting people to eat healthier (ha).

Optimal Lineup:
- corn fritters
- fried chicken sando
Estimated Savings: $7
Notes: I haven’t heard much about Messhall since it first opened, to the flurry of reviews and blog posts, but their dineLA menu does seem to be a great value (you’re saving almost 50%). And fried chicken? People who know me know that those two words are like aphrodisiac.

Next Door by Josie
Optimal Lineup:
- brandied chicken liver mousse crostini
- sloppy roast pork sandwich, fried rapini, aged provolone
Estimated Savings: $4
Notes: the more casual of the two restaurants by Chef Josie LeBalch, right next door each other (get it?). The menu is actually more gastropub-ish than I expected – I was expecting more along of the lines of The Larder (then again, I’ve never been to Josie, so how would I know?). Assuming the crostini is along the lines of what Freddy Smalls served last dineLA, a $4 savings sounds right. Plus, that sandwich sounds pretty good right about now.

Previous picks: Fundamental LA, TLT Food. It doesn’t look like you’re saving as much at Fundamental this time around (probably only $2 max), but I continue to push it as a great lunch option in Westwood (I’ve certainly missed it since our office moved down to Culver City). TLT Food’s deal is just as good as the last one – just don’t go ordering two veggie tacos, and you’ll win out. As of Monday morning, I still haven’t seen Short Order’s menu online, so I can’t speak of its value.


Optimal Lineup:
- warm quinoa salad
- brick-grilled chicken
- chocolate panna cotta
Estimated Savings: $23
Notes: that is not a typo – you’re saving $23. Sans the panna cotta, all of the dishes on the dineLA menu are on their regular one. Assuming portions are similar, you’re saving a lot of money at this critically-acclaimed farm-to-table restaurant. Dinner appears to be just as good of a value, too. I’m glad I waited until last-minute for the menus, because FIG’s became available online during the weekend. Go. Now.

Little Dom’s
Optimal Lineup:
- rice ball of the day
- poached eggs w/ shrimp, mirliton hash & creole hollandaise
Estimated Savings: $4
Notes: The casual version of Dominick’s, an Italian institution, Little Dom’s doesn’t lack in the classy vibe, but it just does it more comfortably and with a creole twist. I’ve been hearing great things about the restaurant for years, and this might just be way to get me in. Classic Italian + creole touch + breakfast for lunch = quite interesting. Re: the rice ball though: is it just one arancini?

The Pikey
Optimal Lineup:
- pig’s head terrine w/ watercress, pickled onions & grain mustard
- grilled trout w/ roast fennel & marinated olives
Estimated Savings: $5+?
Notes: it’s hard to determine actual savings here, because these dishes aren’t on the menu – I basically guessed based on average prices. Normally that’s not a good sign, but in this instance, they actually look as good as the ones on the regular menu, and perhaps even more British gastropub-ish, as the restaurant is such. Plus, I kind of have this place on my mind, because my ex-coworker who’s a huge food enthusiast just raved to me about it recently.

Previous picks: Lazy Ox Canteen, Mo-Chica. These two have almost identical savings compared to last summer. Lazy Ox’s menu, in particular, is pretty much the same as last time (and pretty much the same in general for a long time), but it is a very good deal. No mention of Sotto, because they’ve discontinued lunch.


Optimal Lineup:
- spanish fried chicken, romesco aioli & chili-cumin butter
- farmer’s lunch
Estimated Savings: $3
Notes: this is the first time I’ve seen AOC doing dineLA, and it’s only for lunch. You actually might save more if you choose the charcuterie + cheese, but you know…fried chicken calls. Save 10% and eat well with sexy people around you. And with this selection, I think I’ve inadvertently featured every Goin/Styne restaurant in my two dineLA features…

Optimal Lineup:
- “porchetta” +$5
- coq au vin
- riz au laut
Estimated Savings: $20+
Notes: bistro fare at fine-dining prices – what did you expect from a Keller restaurant? He’s not going to dumb it down, not even with the Bouchon bistros. It’s a bit difficult to determine actual savings, but I think it’s safe to say that you’re saving $20 during dineLA, which is really good for a $25 lunch. Take those savings and splurge at the bakery.

Drago Centro
Optimal Lineup:
- veal carpaccio, crispy parmesan reggiano, toasted capers
- polenta stuffed quail, baby kale salad, barlett pears
- chocolate & olive oil terrine, salted caramel gelato, almonds
Estimated Savings: $10+?
Notes: Drago seems like an excellent place for Downtown workers to grab a power lunch, and dineLA makes it an even better choice. I’m going to guess ~$10 in savings based on average prices on lunch menu, so it’s a very good value.

Previous picks: Rivera remains a good value at this price, at ~$3-8 in savings (and regular menu dishes for the most part). Tavern’s value isn’t as sexy this time around – I estimated $2 max. So maybe no go for this round. As of Monday morning, I still haven’t seen Paiche’s menu online, so I can’t speak of its value. Note: JiRaffe and Vincenti’s dineLA menu are VERY good deals ($20+ in savings each), but they only offer lunch on Fridays.



Blue Cow Kitchen & Bar
Optimal Lineup:
- pink eggs & ham
- duck wings
- steak & smoked spinach
- strawberry butter tart
Estimated Savings: ~$10
Notes: Blue Cow is like a more sophisticated, grown-up version of Mendocino Farms (same ownership I believe), and the menu reflects that. I’ve never been, but I’ve heard good things about the place in the past when it first opened. And it hasn’t really been in the spotlight since, so call this my dark horse pick – or better yet, my Hei horse pick.

The Corner Door
Optimal Lineup:
- pappardelle
- smoked mussels
- frozen coconut meringue
Estimated Savings: $15
Notes: I actually went to The Corner Door for dineLA last summer, since it’s conveniently located from my friends’ apartment (and right next to A-Frame and Waterloo & City), and was pleasantly surprised at what I had (particularly the drinks). Instead of a prix-fixe format with 2-3 choices for each course, this time it’s choose-3 of anything on the dineLA menu, choices that basically encompass the restaurant’s entire menu. As long as you don’t just choose the cheapest dish + desserts, double-digit savings await. Buy a drink with that.

Hostaria del Piccolo
Optimal Lineup:
- costicine
- pollo
- tiraminsane
Estimated Savings: $16
Notes: I’ve been told that the fancier Piccolo has been a great deal during dineLA for years (truffle supplements at no extra cost), but I believe this is the first year little brother(s) is featured. And it’s a great deal, too, at both the Santa Monica and Venice locations. Lunch is just as good re: savings. You’ll be saving money with any combination during both meals, I guarantee it.

Previous picks: Post & Beam is still decent at this price point, saving ~$3-6 this time around. As of Monday morning, I still haven’t seen Lukshon’s menu online, so I can’t speak of its value. Do note that Lukshon has a very good history during dineLA, so I have faith that it’ll deliver once again. And Freddy Smalls is now offering dinner at the $35 price point, which is still an amazing deal (~$10).


Black Hogg
Optimal Lineup:
- pork belly taco
- duck bun
- jerk chicken & coconut rice
- butterscotch custard
Estimated Savings: ~$10
Notes: the range of savings for this Silver Lake restaurant is $4-12, so any combination works really. I still haven’t been here, but the menu seems to be quite appealing (if not all over the place), especially to those who love meat dishes and an Asian flare to things (we won’t use the “f” word here).

The Gorbals
Optimal Lineup:
- beets, burrito, sea beans, crispy barley, honey malt vinegar
- coulotte of beef, sweet potato galette, radish, turnip
- sticky toffee pudding
Estimated Savings: $6
Notes: it feels as if The Gorbals has been around forever, and even longer when you realize that Chef Hall won Top Chef in Season 2 (it’s now 11). From what I remember from dinner years ago, it was good, and the restaurant has now been flying under-the-radar for the last few years. But the menu still looks good (think Animal’s nose-to-tail approach with a touch of Jewish/British-Irish), and that sticky toffee pudding is up there with Waterloo & City’s.

Optimal Lineup:
- polipo
- brasato al barolo
- panna cotta
Estimated Savings: $20+
Notes: another newish trattoria in LA? Gusto, unlike some of the new Italian hotness (see: The Factory Kitchen, Maccheroni Republic), hasn’t really gotten much love from publications and bloggers alike. But the few that have been have said very good things about the restaurant. And now you get to find out for yourself, at a very good price ($20+ in savings!).

Previous picks: Night+Market is again trying some new things during this dineLA season (had the tub hwan a couple of months ago when it was a daily special, and it was amazing), and I’ll most likely be going once again. Waterloo & City remains one of the most consistent performers with regards to savings, and that looks to be the case again this time around. R.I.P. The Spice Table.


Optimal Lineup:
- kurodai sashimi
- branzino
- octopus confit
- chocolate ganache
Estimated Savings: $11
Notes: regardless of its hipster location or wunderkind chef, Allumette is definitely an intriguing restaurant. Menu looks extremely promising – reminds me a bit of Red Medicine in more ways than one. And this dineLA menu, if you go with what I chose for optimal lineup, is actually a better deal than their standard 5-course tasting (that saves you $5).

The Bazaar
Optimal Lineup:
- “philly cheesesteak”
- jamon serrano fermin
- sea scallops
- seared quail
- “pan con chocolate”
Estimated Savings: $30+
Notes: my opinions are somewhat mixed on The Bazaar. I’ve been twice – once with a group of friends when it felt like we weren’t sexy enough to be seen and heard at such a place and pretty much disregarded, and another time when the food and experience was better. But there’s no denying the savings here, especially if you order a jamon platter. Not sure if they’ll let you double up on it (and you probably shouldn’t anyways, for your health), but you might be able to save as much as $45(!). And all the dishes are from their regular menu, and there are plenty of choices.

Optimal Lineup:
- albacore tuna, kumquat & beets, baby gem lettuce, cranberry & avocado vinaigrette, smoked chicken rilette
- salmon creek farms pork, polenta & brussels leaves
- butterscotch panna cotta, lemon souffle tart
Estimated Savings: $20+
Notes: pretty much a dineLA HOFer (that’s Hall of Fame for those who don’t follow sports) at this point, I’ve never given much thought to the restaurant despite working so close to it these past few years. But I’ve heard way too many good things about Craft re: dineLA to not give it a proper shoutout. You’re getting plenty of appetizers/desserts to share in addition to your main, and I heard they’re plenty generous with amuses, etc. as well. Definitely not getting a “dineLA experience” here.

Previous picks: Fogo de Chao, Lawry’s The Prime Rib, and Lucques all remain excellent choices (saving $14, $15, and up to $16, respectively). I would like to mention that the $45 dinner price point is by far the most-stacked during this dineLA season – there are a number of good options. Looking at my spreadsheet very quickly, some are: Petrossian, The Royce, Scarpetta, Scratch Bar, Vincenti, and Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air. So yeah, quite a few choices here. Note: Kiriko isn’t doing dineLA this season. It has always been a great value, but I felt that the restaurant always became a shitshow every time – not the food, but the experience, because it’s a small place and everything becomes chaotic. Plus, you shouldn’t want to go to a high-quality sushi restaurant like that and order the least of what they can offer (which is basically what their dineLA menu was like IMO).


Optimal Lineup:
- maine diver scallop “ceviche”
- slow braised oxtail consume
- pan-roasted maine black sea bass
- dry aged new york sirloin steak
- chocolate decadence
Estimated Savings: ~$40?
Notes: pet peeve about Wolfgang Puck restaurants’ website – they never list prices on the menus. I had to use MenuPages just to roughly estimate that $40 figure, and who knows how outdated those prices are. But I do think that’s the ballpark of how much you’re saving, and at least you’re getting a steak (albeit not wagyu). 5 courses at $85 is pretty damn good at a place like CUT – I spent ~$200/person last time I was there.

Optimal Lineup:
- naked cowboy oyster
- wagyu beef tartare
- chatham bay cod
- tea smoked & grilled beef ribs
- chocolate, peanut butter & coffee
Estimated Savings: $40
Notes: Melisse had an unofficial dineLA menu at this price point last season, so maybe the $85 price point was partly inspired by the restaurant’s efforts. Therefore, it’s only right to include it here. Like with CUT, I think you could be saving ~$40 here. And the dishes looks like it could be part of the regular menu (that wagyu tartare is actually a +$10 supplement on the regular tasting menu, so that helps).

Optimal Lineup:
- amuse gueule
- american caviar
- wild striped bass
- slow braised kobe shortrib
- valrhona chocolate terrine
Estimated Savings: $20+
Notes: I’m completely guessing here, based on average prices on the dinner menu and of similar-sounding dishes, but I actually came up with a range of $26-35. Patina was always a popular place during dineLA at the $45 price point, and now they get to flex their muscles a bit without having to compromise anything.

The inaugural class of the $85 dinner is small – six restaurants total (the others: mar’sel, Spago, Valentino). All six presumably are great deals, but I didn’t choose these three because the savings for mar’sel and Spago are more ambiguous, and Valentino’s savings are a little less than the rest at ~$15 max. Mar’sel’s savings should be slightly higher than Valentino’s, assuming you don’t choose the “cheapest” appetizers + desserts. I really have no idea how much you can save at Spago, but 5 courses at $85 (exactly the same as CUT) sounds like a deal for the restaurant.

So there you have it – 18 new choices from yours truly. Enjoy these next two weeks!

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  1. wow. great list. thanks! and hope you're feeling better. have a question though. i've been to little dom's several times, but not lately since i've left that part of town. i always found it to be pretty traditional italian food....with an updated twist. (if that makes sense) not sure i've seen a creole influence. i noticed the creole hollandaise on your list. are there others offerings that are creole influenced. just curious. and thanks again.

    2 Replies
    1. re: perk


      They have a few dishes that have hints of creole. For one, the fried oyster sandwich is basically a po' boy. Don't see any other similar dishes on the online menu, but I know they've had ones like jambalaya and such before.

      1. re: chrishei

        interesting. i'll have to get back there. thanks.

    2. DineLA is generally a terrible proposition for Chowhounders.

      You're probably saving $15 to eat mass-produced food with limited choices, the servers are overwhelmed, management doesn't care, and your fellow dilettante diners are wielding large cameras and interrupting your experience with flashes.

      Old Spago, before the redesign, the tasting menu was usually under $100.

      2 Replies
      1. re: jaykayen

        I'm actually not the biggest fan of the dineLA promotions in general, but hey, people are going to go out, and at the very least they can maximize their experiences, because not everyone is the enemy here.

        And you're not the only one who misses the old Spago.

        1. re: jaykayen

          I like to use this time to go out to the restaurants that don't participate. I figure the average person tells himself, "Well, going out for dinner and it's restaurant week, so I might as well get in on one of those deals," and I'm hoping this means a less busy, quieter experience for me. I have no idea whether this is true or not, but it sounds okay anecdotally.

          Also, I've heard through the grapevine that dineLA is a bit of a bully with the power they have now.

        2. Ok I have been convinced to finally check out Bazaar. Thanks!

          1. Sotto discontinued lunch service?!? Not a good sign.....

            2 Replies
            1. re: Dirtywextraolives

              They were never busy during lunch anyways.

              1. re: chrishei

                They were pretty bustling the few times I went, though we'd try to go right when they opened, as I do with many popular places. Guess the hype finally died down, and the crowds went with it.

            2. I did dineLa last night at little fork.
              Good deal, lot of food.
              Excellent Corned Beef appy with three mustards and nice Portugese mussels. Middling gnocchi.

              2 Replies
              1. re: Ciao Bob

                i wonder if they'd just give me a huge corned beef "montreal" style instead of the mains.

                the Portugese mussels were salty, but tasty. and hopefully they gave you more than the 2 slices of toast that I got.

                1. re: TonyC

                  4 slices, and it was very, very good rye toast - almost Langer's like. Loved that.

              2. Fogo De Chao Beverly Hills s one of the best deals of all. $25 AYCE lunch! $45 AYCE Dinner.

                7 Replies
                1. re: wienermobile

                  I love the Fogo lunch during DineLA -- I've been before and intend to go again. They get crowded -- good to make a reservation. They don't serve all of the meats -- no lamb -- but they definitely have the picanha. The whole "salad" bar is there -- I like a couple of spears of asparagus, a piece of the crispy bacon, a tomato slice or two, and I especially love some wedges off their big disc of Parm-Reg. For me, one of the best things is it is perfect for a single diner who just wants to eat, splurge, and read a magazine to help pace myself. I like to get there at opening.

                  1. re: nosh

                    I've never done dineLA before, nor have I gone to FdeC yet, but have been dying to try them and bring my boys, who have hollow legs and are bottomless pits right now. Do they do lunch on Saturdays? And would I be able to get the dneLA deal on a Saturday? Thanks!

                    1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                      Unfortunately Fogo de Chao no longer serves lunch on Saturdays or Sundays

                      1. re: wienermobile

                        Crap! Figures....my dumb luck! I really want to find a meat centric place with great food to take them, and be able to walk out without feeling like I just drained the bank account for the month! Thanks for the info, wienermobile.

                        1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                          $45 is still a good deal for dinner or you could all play hooky one weekday afternoon

                          1. re: wienermobile

                            But $100 is better than $180..... Of course we just had a holiday weekday off.... Wish I thought of it sooner. Do they do a dineLA spring or summer?

                            1. re: wienermobile

                              I think if you are referring to Fogo de Chao in BH it's more like 62 bucks for dinner. All you can eat, but desserts are not included.

                              I like the place.

                              Even the salad bar is pretty decent in my opinion.

                  2. DId my annual DineLA trek to Craft last night. As usual, it did not dissapoint. The cavatelli was one of the best dishes I have ever consumed during any of my visits.

                    Question: Do you feel that any of the steakhouses participating (Ruth's Chris, Flemmings, Mortons, etc) are providing any value? If so, I'd be willing to give it a shot. Either way, I am going to take advantage of Lukshon's offering this year. They posted their DineLA menu on FB today and it looks outstanding.

                    11 Replies
                    1. re: djquinnc

                      I can do some math if you don't mind waiting a day (if you want me to do it)...

                      1. re: chrishei

                        Don't knock yourself out! Please! Only if you knew something off of the top of your head. You have done more than enough good work, that's for sure.

                        1. re: djquinnc

                          Had to use MenuPages since their websites don't have prices (very rough estimates)...

                          Fleming's (Beverly Hills): $0-17 in savings
                          Morton's: $11-24
                          Ruth's Chris: $20-32

                          Just stick to entrees that have steak in it (but I'm sure that's what you were planning to do anyways), and it's a guaranteed $15+ in savings for each.

                          1. re: chrishei

                            You are way too cool. Thanks, man!

                            1. re: chrishei

                              Where are you getting those savings at Ruth's Chris? The online menu is $49 for the 3-course menu which looks to be exactly what the DineLA menu is. (I was at Ruth's Chris in December and the 3-course menu was $49). That's a savings of $5.

                              1. re: bohemiana

                                Didn't see the 3-course menu or prices on their website, so I just used MenuPages for a la carte prices - my apologies.

                        2. re: djquinnc

                          relative to Craft? Don't even bother.

                          1. re: djquinnc

                            Not a steakhouse but I had an outstanding dinner last night at Short Order. DineLA dinner at $25, +$7 supplement for 16oz Del Monico, which appears to be a bone-in NY strip. Grass-fed beef and quality you can taste. Better than (and lower priced) anything I've had at the chain steakhouses.

                            1. re: djquinnc

                              djquinnc - Did you dine with anyone else at Craft? Curious about the other mains offered for DineLA Winter '14.

                              1. re: The Oracle

                                Yeah. There were three of us. We also had the cod and the duck sausage. The sausage was really good. The cod did not really float my boat, but my dining companions enjoyed it. But we were all fighting for the dregs at the bottom of that bowl of cavatelli. The deserts were really nice as well, especially the butterscotch panna cotta.

                            2. A friend wanted to try Bludsoes today, but it is closed for lunch...who knew!

                              So we went next door to Cube (never been), which looked deserted from the outside but was packed inside...and earsplitting loud. They sat us in the back room, as the main room was filled with Hollywood types. This rear room, or annex, is beyond Siberia...though quiet, it feels like a broom closet.

                              They presented the dine la menu (wasn't aware), which consisted of the choice of one salad for appetizer, and one of two pastas for entrees...$25 for $30 worth of food - what a bargain!!! It was the saddest looking dine la menu I've yet to see.

                              We got up and walked to Pinks (haven't been in nearly a quarter of a century), where we had some surprisingly tasty chili cheese dogs and fries - and barely a wait.

                              As I've said before on this website, Dine LA used to have some amazing bargains and opportunities. It has now merely become a marketing gimmick, with a mere handful of decent offers, if that...

                              5 Replies
                              1. re: manku

                                Cube is a gem. Pink's serves dregs of LA. The fact you implied the two are comparable options at lunch says... I don't know what it says.

                                And one doesn't HAVE to order from DineLa. Cube produces all their own pasta, shops extensively at SMFM, grows vegetables on their downtown factory roof, etc. It's a delightful place, even the back room.

                                  1. re: chrishei

                                    Here, here for that Cube fried chicken for sure.

                                  2. re: TonyC

                                    Wonder why they didn't get offered both menus? Sounds like they're pushing the promotional one, as they make more money there.....

                                  3. re: manku

                                    Wow, that sounds....brutal and sad at Cube. It's stories like that that have kept me away from any dineLA restaurants. At least you got a Pink's fix in! And no wait! That's a real bonus!

                                  4. Had dinner at Black Cat on Sunset in the Sunset Junction area of Silverlake. For those not familiar with it, it's a gastropub owned by the same people that own Village Idiot on Melrose.

                                    For $25, I had

                                    3 big pork sopes
                                    Shrimp & Grits
                                    Brownie with Buttermilk Ice Cream

                                    All items are on their regular menu, and that combination would have been $10 more with their regular pricing. Everything was really good. I'd go back for the sopes and shrimp & grits would still be a bargain at regular pricing. They also had some pretty good cocktails at reasonable prices.

                                    1. Went to the Bazaar last night. The one I had gone previously was a total cluster-f*ck with abhorrent service that completely eclipsed any perception of the food, good or bad. It’s much better to go on a weeknight, I think – although the bar was buzzing with the types that would fit in perfectly on a exceptionally vapid Bravo show. Even better, we were seated on the patio, which was relaxed and had the added benefit of watching the Real Housewives of Everywhere prance through the valet below (I think watch too many reality shows.) At any rate, the DineLA menu was prominently featured and we proceeded to indulge in a very protein heavy meal (our awesome server told us that we were going “paleo” last night). The food was really great. The beef cheeks, the jamon, and the wild mushroom rice, and the pan con chocolate were highlights. I did some calculating myself and the two of us saved about $20 each. What worked even better to our advantage was that some of our dishes were slow coming from the kitchen, so our server comped us two Philly cheesesteaks as a surprise. This time, the service was on point and the food was quite satisfying. Truth be told, I think I prefer the more traditional preparations than the more modern, although that cheesesteak contains pretty much everything that is good in life. This is a DineLA experience I might indulge in again next round, making sure that it is a relatively quiet night.

                                      1. Does anyone know if the restaurants will do the dinela deals for take out? Night+market in particular... thanks

                                        1 Reply
                                        1. re: Eater15

                                          N+M doesn't permit takeout.

                                          And highly doubt any restaurants will let you takeout dineLA deals.

                                        2. Just had a great dinner at post and beam. Small pizza to start. Fried chicken thighs and black eyed beans for entree. An oatmeal cookie sandwich to close. $25. It was a lot of food. The oatmeal cookie sounded like a toss in but was actually really good too. Highly recommended.

                                          2 Replies
                                          1. re: cdub

                                            That looks fantastic. What's the side? Looks like black eyed peas and greens together?

                                            1. re: JAB

                                              It was a mix of greens and black eyed peas. Really enjoyed my meal there.

                                          2. Night + Market, Scarpetta, Scratch Bar, Allumette, Bazaar, Crossroads, and Spago are Jonathan Golds DineLA recommendations.

                                            1 Reply