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Jan 20, 2014 04:04 PM

Boone Hall Market cafe [Charleston,SC]

On Sunday we had lunch at the market café.My wife had a well executed chicken fried steak.The steak was not cubed, which potentially can make it better, but also tougher if starting with a questionable beef cut.The crust/breading and white gravy were spot on.It was not fork tender, but did not need to be.

I had a super fresh and perfectly grilled swordfish steak, that I was wowed by, especially from a large farmers market sort of place.

As a bonus the market was featuring the last produce from the farm for the year, heaping piles of kale and four varieties of fall squash, all at prices that would make Whole Foods run for cover.The farm is now closed for the season, but anticipating spring strawberries!

We wanted to check out Art's Bar for oysters yesterday, but the ballgame made it standing room only.

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