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Breads bakery's chocolate babka, when fresh from the oven, is pure heaven

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I mean wow. Soooooooo good when you get it fresh hot from the oven. Foodie bliss. :). The only problem is that once it cools its not as good, so eat it straight from the oven!!!

Also no need to get there early for fresh babka.. They bake it fresh throughout the day

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  1. I just got Breads' chocolate babka based upon all the swooning reviews I've been reading here and elsewhere on the web. It's good, but too flaky for my taste. Maybe I should have heated it up when I got home. I'm still longing for the chocolate babka from a little kosher bakery/sandwich shop that was on South William Street in lower Manhattan, but which closed down some time ago. That was babka worth fighting over!!

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      Absolutely best warmed or hot.
      Have you also tried Moishe's? They've been around a long time and have a more traditional babka- call before you go, they sell out of items with some frequency

    2. I also just got one the other day. I should have gotten two.....
      Late afternoon and it was warm. It was delicious.

      1. This stuff is pure carby crack in the most delicious way possible! Breads also make this amazing granola-type roll.

        1. Frankly, I don't know any carbs that doesn't taste good fresh from the oven.

          1. If you like that one, try the one at the Arcade Bakery (220 Church Street).