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Jan 20, 2014 03:23 PM

Providence Coal Fired Pizza

About five weeks ago, I had my first dinner (with my SIBS and SIL) at Providence Coal Fired Pizza. It was really, really good. Although, I live in The Berkshires, (my family has been in Providence three generations), I am a Rhode Islander through and through (Aldrich Jr. High, Classical '62), and I am in Providence every couple of weeks. Two weeks ago, on my way out of town, I went there to get takeout...I explained that I needed reassurance that it would travel well because not all pizza does. They stood behind their product. Well, they were absolutely right. The pizza was great that evening. MORE IMPORTANTLY, in a way, is that they are all so very friendly and affable. I was offered coffee or mineral water for while I was waiting. Their friendliness was expressed to everyone who walked through the door while I was waiting. Today, I went again to get take out to bring home, and they were just as friendly and nice. I hope they are doing really well because with that combination of great product and the welcoming stance of the staff, they certainly deserve it.

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  1. Heard they are also opening in N. Kingstown. Look forward to it!

    1. I don't know that area very well - is there parking available?

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        Do you mean Providence or N. Kingstown? Where the one in N. Kingstown is going there is parking right there. Not sure when it is opening.

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          The N Kingstown location will have an abundance of parking, but It seems to be a long ways from opening (summer ? fall?),

          Parking for the Providence location is quite difficult. The few times we've been there, it was a spring / summer walk from the mall. However, it is worth the trip. Quite excellent and possibly the best pizza in RI, especially if you include a side order of their truly amazing wings (check out the yelp reviews).

          Our favorite is the Rocket. I'd avoid their basic Margherita. If in the North Kingstown area and you like Margherita style, check out Bravo wood fired pizza. It's as good as it can get.

          As good as Providence Coal fire pizza is, I suspect they will have serious competition from Bravo(about a mile south on Rt 1) for best pizza, although Bravo is a much more casual ambiance where Prov Coal Fire has a much more expanded menu.

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          There is valet parking for the Providence locations.

        3. Is there parking in Providence for a quick pickup of a pie or do you have to find a space and walk?