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Jan 20, 2014 03:09 PM

Paleo lunch for 10 people. Ideas?

Need help with making a Paleo lunch for 10 people with severe cooking limitations both in equipment and time. Because of a time crunch I will have a little over an hour to put this together so I will need to have pretty much everything prepped and ready to go.

I was thinking of Sumac chicken kebabs, tomato, cucumber, red onion and mint salad. Any other ideas would be appreciated.
My cooking equipment options:
2 burner camp stove
Electric grill...ridged grill on one side/griddle on other
Toaster oven
Large electric skillet.
Maybe a microwave ( but I really hate those )

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  1. The kebabs sound great, so does the salad although tomatoes this time of year are not great (on the east coast).
    Maybe another veggie dish? This brussel sprout slaw can be made ahead, although you can probably omit the sausage. Just warm through before serving:

    This spicey roast cauliflower would go well with the kebabs:

    This red cabbage slaw would be best made ahead:

    For a little sweet treat at the end you could do these truffles and add some cinnamon and/or cayanne:

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    1. re: Ttrockwood

      Thank you so much for the replying and posting the recipes..They all look great..Think the Brussel Sprout one will be the easiest to do. Would love to do the Cauliflower one also but the price of those are insane here atm ( East coast ) $4.99 a head! Wonder if it's due to high demand with all the Paleo/low carb diets?

      1. re: tunapet

        Oh i know!! I'm in nyc and fairways wants nearly $5/ea! Trader joes had fresh cauli for about $3/ea if you're near one....
        Or i'm sure it would be great swapping in broccoli instead, the ethnic groceries always have cheaper broccoli if you have access to one.