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Jan 20, 2014 11:25 AM

G.E. Monogram Advantium microwave/convection combo feedback

I am renovating my kitchen and putting in a Wolf single wall oven and rangetop in the transitional styling (slim, rounded handles). I do not need a full second oven so am looking at combo ovens that would pair well with the Wolf products (I don't like Wolf's combo offering). The G.E. Advantium seems to have good specifications and a sleeker appearance compared to its competitors that would better match my Wolf appliances. Unfortunately I have not had good luck with G.E. in the past (refrigerators in particular) and am wary of using them again. Does anyone have experience with the Advantium product and would I do well to purchase one? Thank you!

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  1. Have you looked at the gardenweb appliances forum, yet? There have been numbers of discussions of advantiums from within the last week back to the middle of the previous decade. Easiest way to find them: use "gardenweb + advantium" as your search string.

    You also might want to try posting a question on both gardenweb's appliances and kitchen forums to see if anybody has tried to match up the trim kit for the Advantium with a Wolf wall oven. Seems to me that I read something about this subject over there but cannot find the thread at the moment.

    Bear in mind that Advantiums can be had in 120v versions (basically, OTR) and 240v versions (speedovens meant to go into a wall-stack as you plan as well as OTR versions).

    As for reliability, the annual membership surveys by Consumer Reports show GE leads in reliability and durability of wall-oven units (which probably includes the kind of Advantium you are interestsed in). For OTR style units, there do not seem to be any standouts among major brands other than Samsung which has been significantly worse than other brands.

    1. I, like you have had poor luck with GE and also with refrigerators, so when we remodeled, we put in a Kitchen Aid speed oven. We like the way it works, but ours is a bit noisy in microwave mode, don't know if the're all like that or just the one we have. It's been this way since day 1. Our KA dishwasher makes less noise.

      1. I have an adventium. I hate the speed cook function and never use it so it's essentially an expensive microwave. I do use the warm and proof functions on it but my oven has though too. If i had it to do again, I'd just put in a standard microwave and save the $$. (I also have a Breville Toaster oven so don't use the convection function on the adventium either)

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          Maybe it's because we don't have a toaster oven, but we use the convection oven in our "speed oven" quite often. Ours also has a "crisper" function that I use from time to time. I'll stick a couple of bowls of French Onion soup in there and use the crisp function to melt the cheese on top. The small convection oven warms up so much faster than the ful size oven and we even made pies in it over Thanksgiving and they came out great.

          Before we bought it, I was very skeptical, very skeptical. I didn't think it would work for many of the things we would need a second oven for and I thought my wife would regret the decision. The idea for the speed oven came from two ktichen designers, who both claimed they hadn't put a double oven in a new kitchen design since the Adventium came out.

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            Yes, ew don't use the convection in the Adventium due to both the counter top oven and our wall oven having convection. As for the speed cook, I've tried it a couple times and don't care for it...I find it complicated to use and even more complicated ot try and convert my own recipes to it. If I didn't have the Breville I might get more uses out of the other functions on the Adventium but I don't know htat I would ever use any of the speed cook functions themselves.

            I do like the size and speed of the Breville especially in the summer here in Phoenix. So much faster than my wall oven and throws a lot less heat into the kitchen as well. I definitely agree having a smaller faster option than the wall oven is a good way to go.

        2. We installed the Advan. 120 over our new Electrolux 30" WaveTouch oven & love the setup. That Advan. Gets used very often for toasting, microwaving & speed cook.

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            Hi there,
            I just had an GE Advantium Over the range microwave installed. I cannot get the toast to brown. Is there a trick to this? I bought this model so that I could eliminate by toaster oven.

          2. Recently bought a house with the Advantium Monogram built in oven. I absolutely love it. I have tried most all of the recipes from the cookbook (the previous owner thoughtfully left for me)and have not found one I would not make again. This technology saves a lot of time. Took a bit to learn the microwave function but works great now that I understand it. I will never do without this technology again.