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Jan 20, 2014 11:07 AM

Favorite Restaurants West of Downtown

Some friends are coming to LA in early Feb and they've asked me for recommendations on the BEST restaurants in LA IN or WEST of Downtown.

No cuisine or price restrictions. They just want food that amazes.

This forum always has great recommendations, so I was hoping to get some feedback. What are your favorite restaurants right now? Can be new and trendy or just age old and timeless.

Providence comes to mind. What else?


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  1. When you say West of downtown LA do you mean Hollywood? Beverly Hills? Santa Monica? How far will you travel? Budget?

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    1. re: wienermobile

      Hollywood, Beverly HIlls and Santa Monica are all acceptable. Any restaurant that's within a 30 minutes drive of Beverly Hill is acceptable.

      There isn't a specific budget they're looking to stay within. It's definitely nice to be them.

    2. Isn't pretty much all civilization west of downtown?

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      1. re: TailbackU

        Sounds like that phrase we used to wear on tee shirts back in my days living in Manhattan Beach

        "There's no life East of Highland Ave."

      2. First thoughts:

        Where are your friends visiting you from? This will help me a bit in seeing what might "amaze" them more (or less). For example, if they are coming from Tokyo, then I may not end up suggesting some places...

        Just curious: Why not Downtwon or east of Downtown? Have they had suboptimal experiences there before?

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        1. re: J.L.

          They are coming from Down Under, Melbourne to be exact.

          I'm definitely interested in options in Downtown. Just nothing east b/c of the traffic.

          1. re: tedeliu

            As far as downtown, I would say:

            Baco Merkat for modern small plates type stuff

            Marugame Monzo for freshly made udon

            Cole's for French dip sandwiches and good cocktails.

            1. re: tedeliu

              I would definitely take them to at least a few Mexican food places like Mexicali Taco Co. or Guisados

          2. You might want to check out Animal (meats), Son of A Gun (seafood) and Trois Mec (+Ludo) all from the same chefs Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook,

            Wonderful Korean Food at Park's BBQ in Koreatown. Some of the best meats in LA grilled at your table.

            and you can't go wrong at any of the 3 Mozza Restaurants.

            For lunch Langer's Deli for the best Pastrami on rye on earth. Open till 4pm and Closed Sundays.

            1. Blue C Sushi in hollywood was a major surprise. This place is a conveyor sushi spot. Conveyor sushi is not typically very good but this really is the exception. They have some serious talent handling food there. Try to sit by the conveyor so that you may ask the chefs for of the menu dishes. Joel and Warren work their magic with the ingredients. The best fish tacos i have ever had