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Please help me decide on Italian for my birthday

We've been to all Batali/Bastianich restaurants in NYC and love them. We've also been to Lincoln Ristorante, A Voce, Il Buco Alimentari, and a few others I cannot think of right now.
It is coming up on one month before my birthday, so reserving a table will be a priority for my husband. That said, I would like to go to an Italian restaurant that is more uopscale than not, but does not have to be in a league with Del Posto. A few places that have been on our radar for a while (but have never been to) are:
Ai Fiori
da Umberto

Any recent experiences/ thoughts on these places? Any other suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. Maybe it's just me, but I don't find Ai Fiori special enough for a birthday, even though I like the place quite a bit.

    Depending on your mood and the atmosphere you're looking for, I would choose either Scarpetta or Costata.

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      Scarpetta and Costata are my two front runners right now. If you had to choose one, which would it be and why? Thanks.

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        The food overall is just better. This is not to say that Costata has bad food. Just on average, I think Scarpetta has better food (and better bread), even though Costata has some very very exemplary dishes that outshine just about anything Scarpetta has, but when it misses it misses with a huge thud.

        Also, Costata is more steakhouse cum Italian restaurant, if that matters at all to you.

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          I was leaning towards Scarpetta over Costata, so your input has sold me. What is the ambience like? Buzzy? Loud? Quiet? Austere? I guess I have just never paid much attention on these boards when it has been discussed. Thanks for all your help, Ipse!

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            Generally, I would describe Scarpetta as upscale lively. It's not quiet, nor is it loud (esp. if you consider it's right smack in the middle of the meatpacking district).

            If you want a quieter dinner experience, ask for a table in the back room (away from the bar in the front). It's a lovely room, quieter than the front, and with a skylight that even at night seems to hold its charms.

    2. You should also check out Crispo... if you have a large group you can also book the large table all the way in the back of the restaurant. Also you can never go wrong with Barbuto. Check out more of these at exploringny.com.

      1. I love Costata for both their Tomahawk steak-the best tasting steak I ever had and their tasty pasta dishes as well. Service very good and a very knowlegeable sommolier as well. Atomoshere is definitely a fun and lively one but not in a frat house way-extremely comfortable.

        1. Choosing between Scarpetta and Costata is like choosing which kid I like more. Obviously, its the oldest!
          Cant go wrong with either. Scarpetta is all about the pastas, and certain apps that stand out, and the chicken. If you feel like steak and crudo however, its def Costata. I would rather go to Costata with a group of 3 or 4 to share that Tomahawk. And Scarpetta to me is not particularly comfortable for groups over 4 FWIW. Enjoy!

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            Thanks @Ziggy41 for the helpful info. It is only going to be be my husband and me and we would like a quieter atmosphere (but not stuffy, by any means). Given this info, would you say Scarpetta is the way to go?

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              Btw, I didn't answer your question because ipsedixit covered it well. I think Costata is the quieter of the two, but I wouldn't base my decision on that in this case. Costata overall is more expensive as well

          2. I'm surprised no one recommended Marea. That would be my top choice.

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              While I am a big fan of Marea, I don't really think that's what the OP is/was looking for.

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                The OP's description, says special occasion, more toward upscale, and mentions Al Fiori as a choice and says it doesn't have to be in Del Posto league ( but it can be). So Marea could fit in. I will assume you are saying it is too upscale.
                I'll stick with Marea. If the OP doesn't pick it, I'll go there on my birthday :)

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                  Marea is too seafood-centric for what I believe the OP is seeking.

                  Just as White's other restaurant, Costata is steakhouse cum Italian restaurant, so is his flagship restaurant Marea essentially a seafood place cum Italian restaurant.

                  And, really, Ai Fiori is nowhere near the league of Marea. I like both (yes, I guess I'm just a White fan-hound), but Michelin must've had a major flat when it bestowed a star on Ai Fiori -- it's not even really bib gourmand territory.

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                    I agree that Marea is very seafood oriented, but the pastas are really good ( the ones I like are seafood oriented too). I used to like San Domenico, which was in the same space. Esca I always think of as even more seafood oriented ( not anywhere near as good as Marea). I had a great taste of pasta from Al Fiori,at the NY Magazine Food show. So I went to the restaurant and expected a great meal. I found Al Fiori atmosphere, cold, and stuffy, and airline loungey, with a clientele that I wasn't that fond of. The staff had an annoying attitude and the food in general was fair at best.
                    Marea , although "upscale" has excellent food and a great staff. I also like Osteria Morini, but that is totally different vibe from Marea, and not as special for the OP for a birthday. I've never been to Costata, but it is on my list of places to try.

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                      This is why I like Chow so much; it is amazing to see the big swing in experiences diners have at the same restaurant. While I agree with you about the less then spectacular design or Ai Fiori and I think there are alot of business and tourist types in there but food and (especially) service have been top notch for us.

                      Oh, and I wanted to add. Have you considered SD26? I beleive they were the owners of San Domenica

                      1. re: Spiritchaser

                        "Oh, and I wanted to add. Have you considered SD26? I beleive they were the owners of San Domenica"

                        We've been and thought it good, but not enough to go back for my birthday. I also want to try a restaurant we've never been to. Thanks.

                        edit: sorry. I see you were responding to @Spiritchaser.

                        1. re: ttoommyy

                          Completely spaced on the birthday part of the discussion, I agree SD26 isn't b-day worthy.

                        2. re: Spiritchaser

                          SD actually stands for San Domenica, so yes same owners. Although, probably not the same chefs. A former San Domenica chef cooks at one of my favorite restaurants in the caribbeans

                          1. re: Ziggy41

                            Actually, SD stands for San Domenico, the name of their former restaurant, not San Domenica...

                            1. re: rrems

                              There are two possible explanations for this blunder.

                              a) I simply copied and pasted the previous mention since my hands were freezing, or..
                              b) I was thinking about Dominican Republic while typing as my hands were freezing.

                2. re: foodwhisperer

                  Ipse got ir right; Marea is too seafood centric. I love seafood, but pretty much have to be in the right mood for it to make a whole evening of it. We did go to Esca one year for my birthday which I enjoyed very much, but that was planned closer to the day and I was craving an evening of seafood. I did originally have Marea on my list, but it was the first one eliminated. Someday though...
                  Husband made a reservation for Scarpetta yesterday. Looking forward to it!