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Jan 20, 2014 10:38 AM

Solo dining in West London

Washington, DC foodie working out of West London for next few weeks looking for great places to dine solo...any suggestions that may include friendly bars where I may bring a little homework with me to read while dining?

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    1. re: brokentelephone

      Paddington Station but willing to travel a little bit for a good meal

      1. re: Butter40

        Tukdin for Malaysian food. Near Paddington.

        1. re: Butter40

          The Heron for Thai in Paddington. Downstairs in a skuzzy pub.

      2. Would second Tukdin, really good Malaysian food.
        Also you're not too far from Donostia, a great Basque place up near Marble Arch. Great to sit at the bar.

        1. Pearl Liang for one of the better Cantonese lobster noodle dishes in town.

          1. Barrafina and Koya are both on Frith St in Soho and both great bar dining. Barrafina is Spanish tapas and Koya specialize in Udon noodles.

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            1. re: macdog

              Barrafina last night, amazing squash blossom. Tonight Pearl Lange great dim sum and sole. Thank you! Keeper coming.

              1. re: Butter40

                Really liked Great Queen St for a modern take on English food. They have a nice bar. Also, enjoyed Dishoom and loved Nopi. Nopi also has a bar for single eating.

                1. re: macdog

                  OMG! Nopi is amazing. Bar eating requires reservation but got here early enough for table. Saffron ginger martini, burrata with toasted coriander seeds, blood orange and watercress drizzled with lavender oil

                  1. re: Butter40

                    Give Koya a try-they have a room with tables and another one that is one long bar. The shrimp tempura hot Udon noodle bowl is delicious.