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Jan 20, 2014 10:36 AM

Paleteria y Neveria Las Michoacanas in Salinas

A couple weeks ago I posted about the fresh paletas that can be found at one of the two Jiquilpan snack stands in the Northridge shopping center.

I figured that if one shop had started selling paletas from a local producer, I should keep my eyes open for other outlets. And bingo!

Paleteria y Neveria Las Michoacanas opened a few months ago. It’s a full scoop shop offering a range of Mexican frozen treats as well as snacks. The paletas are made by Las Michoacanas in Soledad, the same supplier as Jiquilpan uses, but with greater selection here. The ice cream comes from Marianne’s of Santa Cruz and other producers, picking the best by individual flavor. I had a taste of the horchata ice cream and can recommend that. Mom tried the coconut, then went with a scoop of mango ice cream in a cone, $1.50. I chose a watermelon and chile paleta, $1.75. The staff is very hospitable and encouraged my mom to take a seat on the couch.

I had wanted to try a paleta de agua type, made without dairy, as my earlier example from Jiquilpan was de leche. This turned out to be far less satisfying. Rather than pureed, the watermelon was in rubbery chunks. The paleta was not only spicy, but unbearably salty. Might be best to wait for summer time for the fruit-based paletas.

In any case, this is a place to get Marianne’s ice cream and find a fresh paleta, just choose carefully.

Paleteria y Neveria Las Michoacanas
1579 Sanborn Rd
Salinas, CA
(831) 789-5385
Open daily

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  1. I was stuffed from brunch at Eva's Cafe, but a tour of the Steinbeck Center opened up some space and as it was a warm Spring day I figured a paleta would hit the spot.

    For some reason I was expecting a smaller store, but it extends pretty far back, with most of it open space. The area with the couch by the window is lovely, it sits right in the sun.

    There must have been at least thirty different flavors in the cooler. I went with a safe pistachio de leche, for $2. Lovely bits of real pistachio throughout, but the ingredients list also confirms pistachio flavoring. Not overly sweet or intense, which is a plus.

    It did hit the spot.

    Photographed against black, it looks much brighter than it really is. Don't let that put you off - it's really a much lighter, more natural shade, as are most of their offerings.

    Would be nice to go with a group, so as to try more flavors.

    1. Mom and I were back here again yesterday. She had a single scoop of Marianne's coffee ice cream.

      I had a paleta, and noticed that they're no longer sourced from Soledad but made by United in Hayward, as reported on here,

      The cajeta rellena paleta was great. Frozen dulce de leche made a chewy center embedded in vanilla ice milk. The paletas are $2 now and seem larger than the previous ones. Our friend had a tamarindo and pronounced it the best she's ever had.

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        I want one of those right now!!! Too bad I live in Marin...

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          Melanie, the link is to Madurai Idli Kadai in Sunnyvale.

          Correct link: