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Jan 20, 2014 09:48 AM

Fabulous 40th with large group

Hi- planning a fabulous 40th dinner for 14 people in Vegas! Want a chic place with great food, funky vibe and not break the bank budget but can do $$$ kind of place. Any suggestions? Want to plan a fabulous dinner!

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  1. How much money are you looking to spend? How many people are their going to be in your party? Any types of food off limits or any in particular that you are looking for?

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    1. re: Eric

      14 for budget we are used to some great places in NYC area so figured we will have to spend to have a great meal/night..but doesn't need to be priciest place in Vegas. Love all kinds of food, particularly italian, american, asian...not a huge fan of steakhouses. thanks!!

      1. re: vbar12

        If you are willing to go off-strip, consider contacting Parma by Chef Marc about doing a party. The 5-course tasting is $55 and every plate I had there (and at his pizzeria, Novecento) was excellent. The vibe is definitely fun/funky and the service is gracious and dedicated.

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          Thanks but want to stay on the Strip..any suggestions? how's Lavo for a fun night? Not the club the restaurant?

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            I've only done brunch there, and I liked it a lot.

            If you're willing to spend mid-range money as you state, and are going to be here before May, I'd STRONGLY consider Circo at Belaggio. They share a kitchen with oft-raved Le Cirque and the room is great, with a view of the fountains as a bonus.


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              I like Lavo. It's pretty loud, but lots of fun and good food.

      2. I think Jaleo would be worth considering. I would also think about rx boiler room. Also consider having a drink at Hyde in Bellagio before atmosphere but a bit more grown up than some places and in the early evening it's got a great view of the fountains.

        1. I assume that they can "package" a menu for you...but a great option would be miX at THEhotel at Mandalay Bay.
          Food (Alain Ducasse) and vibe (view, people) can be really, really far as $$$, you have to judge that for yourself...and, as I suggested, talk to them about a "group package"....especially if you can do it during the week instead of weekend.

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          1. re: VegasGourmet

            This is a good suggestion. The Baba Au Rhum and the view alone are worth the trip to the top.

            1. re: uhockey

              Thx Mike...and I happen to know (from "insiders") that the view from the ladies' bathroom is a killer!!! :-)

              1. re: VegasGourmet

                The men's room ain't bad either - a see-through wall looking out on the strip surrounds the urinals. :-)