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Jan 20, 2014 08:35 AM

Wyoming Lunch; DTW

My drive from Dayton took me near Wyoming Lunch at the appropriate time, so I chose it as my lunch stop.

They had ~6 items on the Specials board. I went with the beef stew. It included a cup of chicken rice soup. A tad salty; but perhaps my new low-salt diet is making me notice it (the salt). Otherwise; it was a good stock with ample rice and chicken.

The beef stew was very good. I did not taste any excess salt in the dish. Nice thick stock - very beefy flavor. Pleanty of beef, potatoes, carrots. I think celery was also included, but I'm just a tad uncertain.

Otherwise; hot food, served hot. No WiFi. They *know* their regulars. Waitress was friendly and attentive enough. I will return.

Ambviance? 1950's truck stop. Clean.

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  1. Wyoming Lunch just might be the answer to my recent post for a lunch spot on our way to Oxford, OH. Shall ck. it out.