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Jan 20, 2014 08:21 AM

Getting ready for the Olympics

Tradition in our house is to have an Opening Ceremony party for the Olympics. We serve food from the hosting country. Even though I spent a little bit of time in Russia, the only food I remember was mashed potatoes and peas for breakfast and the meal I had at the Moscow Pizza Hut. Does anyone have any good suggestions for yummy Russian food?

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  1. We have a tradition of Viewing Parties for the Opening Ceremonies. Here is what I have planned this time around:

    Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
    Pierogi or Pelmeni
    Beet Salad
    Olivier Salad

    I haven't worked out dessert yet. There's not a large Russian community where I live but I am hoping ot get to a Russian market that's about 30 miles from me sometime soon for some ideas on cocktail snacks and some sweets to put out.

    For cocktails we are serving Moscow Mules...which while originally an American drink still seems to fit and will be fun to serve.

    1. Chicken Kiev? :) (And yes I know Kiev is in Ukraine).

      1. Vodka

        We have been perusing many of the Russian websites out there. I bookmarked this one recently:

        1. Borscht is a must
          Stuffed cabbage
          I have really liked this beet salad- but i use frozen peas:

          Kasha varnishkes would be easy, i love to add sauteed mushrooms as well, this is a basic recipe:

          Brasied cabbage with apples and onions would be another veg idea.

          And of course, vodka.