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Jan 20, 2014 07:01 AM

Healthy(ish) date recipes to go with Malbec

I'm cooking dinner this weekend for the first time for the guy that I'm seeing. I want to make 3 courses paired with Malbec (his favorite wine). I'm a pretty good cook, but the problem is that we're both trying to eat healthy and many of the typical Malbec pairings are the complete opposite! Any suggestions for healthyish recipes?

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  1. What is your version of healthy?

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      Great question! My version of healthy is protein (lean to moderate) with lots of veggies and a moderate amount of whole grains. Recipes where the focus is on meat and veggies as opposed to something like pasta or risotto which is carb heavy.

    2. Do you both enjoy lamb? Light sauced pasta? Green salad? All healthy.

      1. and it depends on your malbec. now that it is so popular, many are thin and sort of fruity, instead of being traditionally medium-bodied with structure and muscle.

        typically, it pairs well with grilled or roasted red meat.

        salads with citrus or vinaigrette clash with red wine, so please avoid that as a starter. you could do a roasted tomato/fennel soup to start.

        a simple grilled ribeye or lamb chops marinated in rosemary and garlic.

        rosemary chicken will also work, but wouldn't be my preference.

        smashed creamy potatoes or dauphinoise, or a puree of carrot or celery root.

        stuffed zucchini as a side.

        if you think there might be wine left after the main offer some cheese, but don't worry about pairing it with dessert. regardless of people saying red wine goes with sweets it mostly doesn't.

        good luck!

        1. How about Merguez stuffed dates roasted in a piquillo pepper sauce?