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Jan 19, 2014 11:26 PM

Seinfeld & Patton Oswalt conversation at Handsome Coffee Roasters

Patton Oswalt knows his coffee, apparently.

After settling in for coffee and pastries at Handsome Coffee Roasters, this conversation ensues.

"Give me the downtown LA starter kit. What do you need?"

- "You need a World War I British messenger bag, and that's where you put your laptop in."

- "You need a really overbred, not healthy dog like a French bulldog or something that's been bred for a certain look but that's also kind of dying. And you walk that around, and it has to have a harness because its neck is all messed up."

- "You have to be very white, and you read, and you're all about [being] comfortable with diversity, but secretly you're terrified of other races."

"Are any bright colors allowed, or do we have to keep it subdued?"

"Very, very subdued."

"Why, cause we're depressed?"

"No, because hey, you're serious, man. If you have any bright colors, it's going to be on your Etsy site, or it's going to be on that bit of graffiti art that you paid to have put on the inside of your work loft space to show how eclectic and dangerous you are."

Starts at 8:29, but worth watching the whole thing. Great coffee shots, too :)

Mr Taster

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    1. Thanks for this link! I will watch away.

      His wife was on Jackie Kashian's Dork Forest podcast and she mentioned when this was filmed. She was a hoot!

      1. The entire series is great. The episodes are split between NY and LA. The one with Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner was fantastic. To keep it Chow-centril, in that episode they get pastrami, I forget from where, though. (Yes, forgetting is not very Chowhound of me...)

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        1. re: TheOffalo

          Come on, offalo. They pay you the big bucks and you still can't remember the name of the pastrami joint ????? :)

          1. re: TheOffalo

            Pretty sure it was Nate n Al's. I love that series. I like the one where they dine at the Jerry's in Studio City but walk out and drive over to Beverly Hills. I think, to Nate n ALS again. Yes the Mel & Carl episode was the best!

          2. The whole thing is a crack-up from beginning to end.