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Jan 19, 2014 10:29 PM

Seeking Falafel Greatness Near SW Mpls

So, Falafel King moved into the neighborhood (Calhoun Isles). I went last week and got a falafel sandwich to go. It was not to my liking - the falafel was dry, the lettuce was wilty (travel time from FK to home < 5 minutes), the tahini sauce was just straight up tahini. At least the pita was great. And the price was reasonable (6 bucks during their Grand opening).

Oh how I miss Fishman's Deli! The best falafel. I need a substitute or at least something comparable.

Any ideas on where to get a good falafel near me? If not, I can go back to Wally's. Hoping for something closer though. Should I try the Loon Deli? Thanks!

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  1. Sorry - no suggestions for places near you. But the next time you're in the Midway area, go to Foxy Falafel (on Raymond just off of University Ave in St. Paul). Their falafel is (are?) awesome!

    1. I concur on Foxy.

      But closer to your area, Aida on 66th near Penn.

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        I agree with Aida.I was just there yesterday -- they're running a special of feta-stuffed falafel. It's the Juicy Lucy of falafel!

        1. re: Jordan

          I stopped in there last Wednesday with a phone-ahead order, then saw the feta-stuffed falafel special. I was disappointed but the owner told me that it would be on special for a while. I'll be back.

      2. I haven't tried it and I don't know if this would be anything you are interested in but, World Street Kitchen (27th & Lyndale) has a falafel burger.

        1. Foxy's texture is chunky/dry at times. Maybe a little less cooked before fried. It's not hard to make at home...

          1. If you're willing to drive all the way to Wally's, you might as drive one mile further to Mim's Cafe across from the St. Paul campus. It is by far the most underrated falafel in town and in my opinion, the best.

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              Mim's does have fine felafel. It's the only thing on their menu worth eating.

              Surprisingly close to you is Athens Cafe in Robbinsdale. They have a great "plain" felafel, a fantastic off-menu spicy felafel (Just ask for it!) and the best Hummus in the Twin Cities.

              And if you wait a couple of weeks, you can wave to the folks waiting to eat at Travail while you chow down on your felafel. :-)