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Jan 19, 2014 08:08 PM

Tea-Smoked Duck in a Kettle Smoker?

I'd like to try making tea-smoked duck at home in my Brinkmann kettle. Most recipes call for stovetop smoking, which I'm not interested in trying. At my beloved local Sichuan restaurant, they have a variation which is only smoked (no further cooking), has a noticeable tea flavor, and practically all the flesh is "smoke-ringed". This is what I'd like to produce at home. I can't find a recipe that looks right to me. Can someone either point me at a really good one, or help me adapt the stovetop smoking recipe I have to real smoking?

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  1. Just hot smoke the duck the way you normally would, but during the smoking phase use wet tea thrown on the hardwood coals every now and then. With tea you don't need as much smoke since the flavor is pronounced, and you want a delicate tea smoke flavor.

    Make sure the skin is well punctured to let fat escape, and make sure you have a water filled pan under the duck to catch the fat. Otherwise there will be a nice grease fire.

    It would probably be best to finish at high heat to crisp up the skin, otherwise low heat smoked poultry skin gets rubbery.

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      My only experience where it was steamed in a bamboo steamer with the tea in that and then smoked was NOT successful. As you know, I have a Bradley electric. Would you recommend that the tea go on the pan between between the water and the duck? This is a fave Chinese dish of our so would like to try again. Thanks, J

      1. re: c oliver

        I would put blobs of the wet tea on the end of the smoke generator in a Bradley. If you could make forms the size of Bradley bisquettes you could press wet tea in the forms, let dry, and use.

        I have been thinking about this and will play around with the idea.

      2. re: JMF

        This is about what I would have guessed. Thanks.