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June Texas BBQ Wedding Reception - Inexpensive White/Red Wine Recommendations

I am planning a rustic evening outdoor wedding for early June in Austin, Texas and looking for some recommendations about relatively inexpensive wines to serve with the BBQ meal, and also want to ensure that the wines would be drinkable for the remainder of the evening (without food). I am anticipating the weather will be quite warm.

Guest list is approximately 120
Menu: brisket, sausage, potato salad, beans

Will be serving beer, and looking for some decent red wines, red wines, and sparkling wines that would work with BBQ.

Appreciate hearing about bottles in the $15 range.

Thank you!

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  1. We're finding lots of affordable Spanish cavas (sparkling). Have fun.

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      We had a September wedding with barbecue (big hit). We served a white wine form Portugal- Casal Garcia Vinho Verde, at about $7 a bottle. It's light, crisp and a little acidic, so I thought it went well with smoky meat.
      We also had an Argentine red, a Malbec blend. Sorry, don't recall the label, but it was under $10 a bottle and also well-received.

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        We LOVE vinha verde and have bought it many times at TJs.

    2. Sauces or no sauces for BBQ.

      1. Beer: your favorite wheat beer...
        White wine: riesling
        Red wine: leaning to zinfandel
        Fizzy: moscato d'asti

        1. Do you have a Costco near-by? If so, do they have Orin Swift's The Prisoner? If they do, is US $32/btl. too much to spend?


          1. My daughter got married in Alabama in October, an outside wedding and reception. We had an open bar. Most of the young folks drank liquor. The white wine we selected was Chateau Ducasse, a white Bordeaux. It was great and about 15 dollars. The red was a Cabernet and was less memorable. I would serve a Zinfandel with your menu. Enjoy the wedding!!

            1. First of all, beer is a *great* idea!

              Secondly, your BEST bet is to check with a local retailer IN Austin . . . there is no point in recommending that grab the 2010 Chateau Cache Phloe, or the 2011 Jean Deaux Vineyards, if it's not available in Austin.

              Third, you received great advice from jmills -- honest, it's going to be beer & cocktails (think margaritas, for example) -- but if you want to stick with wine, I'd look to either light, crisp white wines like the aforementioned Vinho Verde or an AlbariƱo/Alvarinho, *OR* a Riesling or Chenin Blanc with a trace of residual -- especially if the BBQ is on the hot side. On the red side, I'd opt for a low-tannin wine like a Beaujolais, or an Argentinian Malbec.

              Good luck!

              1. Everyone, thank you very much for your recommendations! I've decided that testing wines is a pretty good way to spend my evenings :-)

                Decided on Ravens Wood Zinfandel (red), about $12/bottle; Casal Garcia Vinho Verde (white), about $9/bottle (wow!); and Segura Viudas Cava (sparkling), about $12/bottle.

                It's almost hard to believe there are such great drinkable wines out there that are very nice. You all inspired me to try more and different wines. Whew! Now the simple planning can begin....but that won't be nearly as tasty!

                Thanks again.

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                  Excellent selections! I agree it's comforting to know you can serve good stuff to your guests without breaking the bank. And all will go well with your q. Is Franklin catering the food? ;)

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                    Yeah, very good selections. For your sparkling cava, did you try the Jaume Serra Cristalino? Very comparable to Segura and usually sells for anywhere from $6 to $8. I'm in Los Angeles and can buy it at Cost Plus as well as just about any market in town.

                  2. I can tell you what I used for my own wedding in that price range, as well as a few other options. Depending on where you are getting your wine from, you should be able to get some sort of buld/case discount that should bring prices down.

                    For sparking we went with Domaine Collin Cremant de Limoux. You could also look at Domaine Chandon, usually at sale at Trader Joes, Costco etc.

                    For red, we went with a Cold Heaven pinot that we got a deal on, but given your menu you may also want to look at Bedrock Wine Co.'s Shebang. I can second Bill Hunt's rec for The Prisoner, but that's outside your range. The Saldo from Orin Swift is also great, but also outside your range. If you want something similar, I've always found the Coppola Rosso blend to a more affordable, everyday version of those wines.

                    For white, Brander Sauvignon Blanc is a good choice in your range.