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Jan 19, 2014 05:55 PM

Sunday breakfast before museum of science and industry

Hi all
My husband and five year old will be meeting another couple with kids for breakfast before the museum of science of industry opens at 930. Any suggestions for nearby family friendly clean restaurants within safe walking distance (with a three year and five year old) or short easy cab ride. Not sure how hard it is to get two cabs in hydr park. Also, we will be going to navy pier on another day and looking for the best breakfast and lunch options in the area. Thanks!

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  1. I've never been there but people seem to like having breakfast at Salonica. It's like a 10-minute walk west of the MSI on 57th street. As far as safety Hyde Park in the morning is about as safe as you'll get in Chicago.

    1. We've been to Salonica a few times- classic, homey Greek diner. The food is okay. Medici has very good baked goods for a light breakfast in the bakery area, and the restaurant itself also serves breakfast. The food is okay there as well. Z&H also has baked goods and coffee and is very good as well.

      Also, people have really good things to say about Valois, but I can't speak to it.

      1. I would add "greasy-spoon" to the adjectives describing Salonica, but their breakfasts are perfectly adequate. Both Medici and Z&H are 3 or 4 blocks farther west, with the Medici having a wider variety of offerings for breakfast (as mentioned, in the Cafe) and, again, both offering excellent pastries.

        There is also still a "Cafe 57" beneath the IC tracks (despite the announcement of closure on Yahoo), and if you're looking for just coffee and pastries (somewhat tired today), that would be the closest venue (although, admittedly, the hours are uncertain).

        Valois is a bit of a distance on 53rd, but the people who speak well of it include our current President.