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Jan 19, 2014 04:41 PM

Restaurant supply store/beef market store open to public?

In my hometown, we had a great restaurant supply store which also sold amazing cuts of beef at a discount and was open to the public. Is there anywhere in the VA or MD area like that?

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  1. Restaurant Depot in Alexandria. I believe they require you to have a business license, but it can be any kind of business, whether restaurant or auto-parts store. Plus, things might have changed - call them and ask.

    Here, like all wholesalers, their main desire is not to have to hold your hand ... they don't want returns, they don't want to have to show you where things are (there's a map). But their meats are good and their cookware will withstand an atomic bomb.

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    1. re: wayne keyser

      Thanks so much! I went on the website and they do require you to have a business license, but according to several reviews they seem pretty lax about it. Going to call this week and inquire more about their policy. Thanks again.

      1. re: dcfoodie36

        Ask 'em what you need to show them. Or get a friend who can show them a business license to go on your first visit.

        1. re: dcfoodie36

          Hi there! I was wondering if you had attempted the visit to the R. Depot as I have been dying to go but trying to figure out how to!!

          1. re: Tamikay

            I have not tried yet, but am going to try next weekend and will report back on what I find! I need to get in. :-)

            1. re: dcfoodie36

              Check their monthly sale flyer for a view of the sorts of things you'll find.


        2. re: wayne keyser

          I only went to Restaurant Depot a few times a year, primarily to buy big bags of charcoal for about half what it cost at the hardware store. Then the price crept up and it was no longer worth the trip. I noticed that I hadn't received their monthly mailing in a while, went to their web site, and found that my membership number could no longer be found.

          I think I brought them a business license, but a friend of mine got an account with a letter from an institution for which she organizes food for after-parities.

        3. Try SYSCO Foods on RTE 1 in Jessup MD...Mostly institutional!!But open to the public

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          1. re: Hue

            Chefs Choice in Frederick. Open to the public. Order ahead.

            1. re: Hue

              Thank you! Looks great. Going to check it out.