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Jan 19, 2014 03:17 PM

Alternative to Revere Ware Copper Bottom Pots?

I've given up on finding new Revere Ware copper bottom pots of the same quality as the ones I've had for 25 years (as a wedding present from my mom). I understand that anything you get new now called Revere Ware is made by someone else and is not the same as the older stuff.


Does anyone know of a line of cooking pots (for soups etc.) that is very high quality? I don't mind spending on the high end for a couple of really good pots.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Good heavens! There are many high quality lines of pans available. Why don't you start with the qualities you are searching for. What about the old fashioned Revere Ware do you like?

    I will assume you want stainless.

    Do you cook on electric, gas or induction?

    You can start by checking out these sites:

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      even though i'm not the OP, i love the old revere ware sauce pans because:

      they are EASY TO HANDLE
      their handles are big enough and the pot is light enough so that i can easily control a full 4 quart saucepan with one hand.
      they are practically indestructible
      things don't stick
      heat gets distributed evenly

    2. If you like the look of the copper at the bottom of the pot, you might like Anolon Nouvelle Copper Stainless Steel:

      Otherwise, there are a very many choices. For soup, you should have a heavy bottom which will distribute the heat evenly.

      1. Try buying used ones on Ebay. There are lots of older sets available.

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        1. re: Raffles

          I agree about ebay. Go take a look.

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            very few of the 4 quart saucepans, though.
            the few they are offering are about $55.

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              i've been watching ebay trying to get another 4 quart saucepan for less than $35 .
              very difficult to come by.
              the 1 quart and 2 quart sizes are a dime a dozen.

              most of the sets don't include the 4 quart saucepan

            2. Demeyere Atlantis is wonderful. It is solidly made and cooks so evenly and transmits heat in a design that fits the use of the pan. It has seven layers, one of which is copper. It cooks and cleans up like a dream. The price is painful, but once you own one piece, you will forget how much you paid for it and rave about how wonderful it is to cook with!

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              1. re: laraffinee

                Let me second these comments. Demeyere Atlantis cookware is among the very best stainless cookware. I love mine.

                I also have a single piece of Viking cookware which is similar to the Demeyere Atlantis with riveted handles and is 5 instead of 7 layers in the cladding.

                It really depends on your budget and what you expect out of your cookware. If a $200~$350 saucepan is out of your price range, the Tramontina "Tri-Ply" cookware made in Brazil is pretty darn good at a $40~$100 price point.

              2. This brings back some memories. I learned to cook on Revere Ware, from my mother. We lived in Central IL, near a Revere plant. My mom knew people that worked there. That stuff was good. It was never as sturdy as some of the newer stuff, but quite servicable, and without non-stick, that always wears-out, if they were handled carefully they could really last. It was also nice that they were thinner than the modern stuff. On a gas range, you were cooking right away, no waiting for the pan to heat up. Of course, they couldn't hold the heat in like the heavy stuff, but there are always trade-offs.

                The Farberware stuff with the aluminum bottoms works somewhat the same way, and it isn't expensive.

                My oldest sister bought my mom a set of All-Clad to replace her finally falling apart Revere. Mom never really liked it.

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                1. re: ravenwork

                  I chose Farberware in 1970 for my wedding registry, and I ended up with several of those pans, which as you mention were quit serviceable. I did not find that they wore well over a long period of time, but I did prefer them to the clunkier Revere ware. I feel that modern stainless is superior to the old Revere ware. And you don't have to worry about polishing the copper bottoms!

                  My mother had one piece of Revere ware, a largish saucepan. I think I respected it, but I never was a huge fan. A couple of years ago I cooked using a very old Revere ware pressure cooker. It was quite the relic, but it worked just fine. For those who feel that this is the good stuff, I agree that poking around ebay could be fruitful, but for me, the newer stuff is just superior to wrangle, for cooking and for maintaining. This is only my opinion, though. And I want to mention that most new stainless does not come with non-stick coatings.

                  1. re: ravenwork

                    as i've gotten older and i've found my hand strength declining, all clad has become completely unworkable for me.
                    way too heavy
                    handles not ergonomic.

                    my revere ware, on the other hand, still is a breeze.