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Jan 19, 2014 03:07 PM

Wines for harissa roast chicken

I'm serving a harissa roast chicken for company later this week. I haven't decided on details yet, but odds are there will be some carrots and onions with it (in the roasting pan), and I may serve it with some polenta.

I'd love some wine recommendations for pairing, both red and white if both are appropriate. Both specific wines or general advice would be appreciated. Would like to keep bottles at $20 or below.


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  1. Personally, I'd go with ale, dark beer, or hard cider.

    1. Easy....

      In whites go with riesling or gewurztraminer for this specific dish... If your goal is $20 or less then you can basically forget the better gewurztraminers... and focus on rieslings as advised by your best-stocked local wine shop.

      Reds in general just aren't going to work with harissa...

      Enjoy and please report back.

      1. Go red.

        I'd get a nice Chateau Musar (Liban) or a southern Côtes du Rhône or maybe a nice Sicilian.

        1. For red, go low tannin (with spicy foods, tannins can become unpleasant). I'd go Beaujolais. Chinon would also work.

          For white, Riesling or bright, unoaked Spanish white.

            1. re: Chinon00

              I could dig Marsanne here if the chili level isn't too high.