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Jan 19, 2014 02:29 PM

Bored and/or Solo Eaters ?

I'm one of those people who, if alone at home (or somewhere else) and am bored, I'd eat. I don't really have a rhyme or reason as to what I eat. But I do eat. Not good if I'm alone much. And I also like to go out and eat alone. Unless I'm eating with other foodies (a relative term), I'd prefer to eat by myself than say family members or friends who aren't into food as much as I do.

Don't get the wrong impression, I'm not some social recluse. But who I eat around is often just as important as what I'm eating.

How about you ? What kind of eater are you ?

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  1. i share some of your preferences.
    if i'm "going out to eat" with my non-foodie friends, i will just order water since the main reason i'm there is to socialize.
    most of the chain restaurants the non-foodies like don't seem to mind my not ordering as long as i tip as though i did (which i always do).

    restaurant week is coming up here in LA, and if i can't go with a foodie, i'd prefer to go by myself. i'll have at least one meal out a day during that week.
    foodie friends will accompany me to about 4 of the meals.

    1. I don't eat when I'm bored.

      Half of the time when I'm bored, I usu. just start posting snarky comments on Chowhound and act like a total douche-bag.

      Some would say that means I'm bored all the time.

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        No wonder the administrators are *always* busy ......


      2. Definitely, I eat when I'm bored. Actually, I eat and troll around on the internet.
        My favorite thing to eat while trolling the internet... potato chips or other salty crispy snacks. Not very healthy at all.

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        1. re: KarenDW

          Oh Karen we could be siblings in that regard ......

          But as for my munching, see:

        2. I'd say bored eating is a female thing...other dude-hounds will chime in. And the solo thing, yeah sometimes I prefer to eat alone, that way you eat where you prefer, no need to make small talk if not in the mood, etc, but I'd say it's rare. I'm no social butterfly, but I'd rather eat with someone

          1. Other than enjoying dining solo, that's me to a T. I used to think I was a closet eater (only eating when no one is watching) but I think the root of it is eating when bored.

            I too am not a social recluse and am quite extroverted, but definitely find myself scouring my pantry when I'm alone/bored/have too much time on my hands.