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Jan 19, 2014 01:41 PM

Cold Spring/Beacon NY Wedding Weekend Food

Hello All! I am curious to get some feedback on any great spots for a rehearsal dinner in Beacon/Cold Spring, NY. Approximately 50 pp. Great food. Fun & lively ambiance. Doesn't need to be a sit-down dinner - could be cocktails and apps. ALSO, looking for a delicious brunch spot in Cold Spring/Beacon to send our guests off with full and contented bellies. Again, about 50 pp. Local. delicious food. Outdoor space would be a bonus! Thanks!

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  1. Riverview Restaurant in Cold Spring ( might work for your rehearsal dinner. Their food is very good. My favorite brunch spot is also in Cold Spring--Hudson Hil's ( it might be too small. You might want to call to check. Homespun Foods in Beacon ( has a nice outdoor patio space, but I'm not sure if it will fit 50 people. Their food is excellent as well. Best wishes for your wedding! =)

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      Thanks for the tips applesauce23! I'll definitely be looking into your recommendations!

      1. How about Town Crier in Beacon? They were in Pawling for years and just moved to Beacon - website is
        Says they have catering space and definitely would be lively b/c it is a live music venue. Roundhouse at Beacon Falls might also have the atmosphere you are looking for and outdoor space.

        Cold Spring Depot, Hudson House (pricey) or Cathryn' s Tuscan Grill all have Sunday Brunch too.

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          Thanks for the options jennbakes37! I've looked into a few of those dinner options but ended up going with Aroma Osteria in Wappingers Fall - they could accommodate a party of our size. Still looking for a brunch spot...I will definitely call Cold Spring Depot. Tried Cathryn's - and again I think our party is just a bit too large. Really appreciate all of the suggestions! Hope one works for brunch!

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            Aroma Osteria is great! Beacon Falls Cafe is a good option for brunch although the restaurant is kind of small. I've never had a bad meal there.

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              We're having the rehearsal dinner at aroma osteria and brunch at the cold spring depot! looking forward to it all! Thanks for the suggestions!!!

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