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Jan 19, 2014 01:17 PM

Dominican Food

I am canadian but my wife and family are dominican. They are looking forward to their first trip to Toronto and my remote property near Timmins. We will be looking to stock up on things like platanos, yucca, salami. Not sure if we can bring a supply of dried herbs so that too. I am pretty sure we can buy canned habitaulas and guandules.
We will be traveling back and forth with blueberries for sale and picking up new arrivals at the airport so could us some hints on where to sell berries wholesale. This is how most of my family will be helping to pay for the trip, maybe one day it wil turn into a
We do not normaly eat in a restuarant but maybe try the dominican ones in Toronto for a change.
We have blueberries in the grocery stores here but my wife and family have not even tried them yet....should be an interesting time lol

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  1. It's winter here. Blueberries aren't in season. Try Kensington Market (Augusta Avenue) for latin american supplies.

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      Yes thankyou...kensington market we shall go there. Our plan is to be in Toronto this summer and pick blueberries starting in august or so. I am finding some recipies for the more normal canadian dishes and translating them to spanish so our staff can learn to prepare them. lol our staff, sounds so upity. Down here it is normal to have household help. some will come to canada with use.
      Dominican cooking is totaly different from say mexican hot spices here not even pepper.

    2. You are quite distant from the products you need and may need quantity in many items. I have on occasion bought from various wholesalers and distributors, so my suggestion is to in the meanwhile search out those sources. You will find them most often in the Scarborough/Markham area make your will and Mississsauga. This will be a lot easier than seeking a multitude of retail stores.. The wholesalers/distributors will probably give you deals and might even assist with the blueberries. Personally, I have gone into many such businesses and almost all assisted me and I am only about one to two hours away! Also if there is a local Toronto Dominican consulate, they may provide info, or even the embassy. You do have time on your side to work on this to make it a real success!