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Jan 19, 2014 01:13 PM

Intimate family dinner for 8

Want to have a nice, special meal for 6 adults and 2 kids honoring my mom's 70th birthday on a Saturday in February. Would love a private room so we (the kids) don't have to be on their best behavior.

A special/custom menu would be preferred but not required.

We aren't big drinkers but a good bottle of wine, or some kind of available tasting flight (small pours) would be great.

First place that comes to mind is Firehouse, which I believe would offer most of this, and I like their food. With that kind of place in mind, what other places would accommodate us?

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  1. Tabla (they have a nice room, the Library, that seats about 12)

    Wildwood has a few private rooms of various sizes and excellent food, wine, drinks...and a parking lot. ;o)

    Andina has a nice private room downstairs from their main restaurant and bar.

    Genoa has a lovely private room and is a great place for a special occasion.

    I think that Lincoln and Little Bird also have smaller private rooms, but I am not sure...