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Lunch in Brentwood?

Girlfriend just moved here and I have no idea where to find a good casual lunch. I've tried Plan Check and liked it, anything else like that around here?

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  1. Farmshop (in Brentwood Country Mart).

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      1. La Scala Presto for Chopped Salad. Brentwood Cafe (next to The Brentwood) for anything on the menu, it's all great. Belwood bakery. Coral Cafe. Farmshop. Head to Santa Monica for endless restaurants and cafes.

        1. Tavern? I believe there's a casual side....more of a cafe. Not that the restaurant is really all that fancy.

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            There is a more casual side in front. Agree that while very pretty the patio is not overly fancy.

          2. Neither tavern nor Farmshop are "like" Plan Check.....especially price wise....

            In Brentwood, you're basically just looking at the places on
            San Vicente between 26th & Wilshire. In the Country Mart, Barney's burgers is decent and there's a Frida's taqueria that sounds new, haven't been so I'm not familiar with it.

            There are more places if you head south on 26th to Santa Monica.

            1. 3 Square Cafe - A Hans Rockenwagner restaurants should be open tomorrow. Be the first!


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                Make that a week - on Monday. Possibly this weekend.

                Wilshire and Barrington.

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                  Make that now. Been open for lunch for a few weeks.

              2. There's a Burger Lounge on San Vicente.

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                    Several months. Good burgers and beer. Good fries and o-rings.

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                      Agree they are also on Arizona near 2nd St in Santa Monica

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                        Yes, I've been to the SaMo location. Still waiting to try Stout, though.

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                        I order the Vegetable Salad at Burger Lounge. The greens are very fresh. Actually, they offer it as a half salad which is just the right size for me. Sometimes I'll have them add a Small turkey burger patty. It's a very satisfying lunch

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                          I've never had a salad there, good to know.

                  2. Burgers at Plan Check are $12 to $14, I think. And that is with no sides. Tavern's burgers are $17 to $18...with a side.
                    So....I don't think the cost differential is all that great.

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                      Also, if one wishes to have a cocktail, Tavern is the only restaurant mentioned which has a full liquor license.

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                        Plan Check has whiskey & tequila cocktails.....

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                        More like $10-13..... But we're quibbling now..... What's the sides offered with the burgers at lunch at Tavern? None are listed on the menu, and fries and onion rings are listed separately at $6... So lets see, $17 + $6, compared to $10 plus $5 for fries.... You can do the math.

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                          The burgers at Tavern come with a choice of onion rings, fries or arugula. Re: liquor..I am aware that Plan Check has a full bar. The OP asked about Brentwood. Of the restaurants mentioned around San Vicente, Tavern is the one which offers a full bar. Others, e.g. Farmshop are limited to beer and wine. The fries you are seeing listed on Taverns menu for $6.00 are the ones ordered a la carte as a separate side dish

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                            ummm....don't mean to "quibble". but thanks maudies5....the menu clearly states that onion rings, fries or arugula are offered with the burger at tavern. plan check charges $5 for fries...$6 for sweet potato fries. they are very different places. i like them both. but i think to say there is a big price differential is inaccurate.

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                              Sorry, I looked at the dinner menu and it is not printed on it. http://www.tavernla.com/dinner.html

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                                The sides come with the burgers at dinner time also. I guess they list those a la carte fries and onion rings for those who want to have something to munch on in the bar.

                        2. Close by but not in Brentwood Milo and Olive, Huckleberry and fundamental LA

                          1. Might be helpful if you specified what you liked about Plan Check (atmosphere? price? clientele? burgers? high-fat food?). Might also be helpful if you specify a price range, how far you're willing to drive, and what kind of food you generally like?

                            1. Did Bruce Marder's new joint in the vein of Cora's Coffee Shoppe open up yet ??????


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                                Cafe Brentwood has been open for several months. Never seems busy. They now have a sign up offering 3 course meal for $22.00 and 10% discount to students of Archer and Brentwood private schools.

                                1. re: maudies5

                                  Ok. Maudie's have you tried it yet ?????

                                  1. re: kevin

                                    Have gotten takeout for dinner. They have a pretty good rigatoni that reheats well.

                                    1. re: maudies5

                                      Hmmm. Maybe I'll just be the guinea pig and try it already for eating in.


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                                    Is this the place that's located where Barrington splits? If so, the place looked quite crowded the one Saturday I was driving past it a few wks ago.

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                                      They seem to only be crowded for weekend brunch or lunch. Tiny restaurant. I'm hoping to have brunch there. I think they have that burratta tomato omelet that I love at Cora's

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                                        Had the burratta caprese omelet today for lunch. Omelets are available breakfast and lunch. Tasted good, food came quickly and nice ambiance. At 12:30 today, it was fairly busy. A couple of open tables. My table was in the back of the restaurant, next to the open kitchen. The food coming out of the kitchen all looked good. Salads seemed very fresh. I was told that several customers have figured out that they can go next door to The Brentwood, have cocktails and eat dinner in the cafe. Same food, same chef..cheaper. $22 -3 course dinner is appetizer, choice of 6 oz filet, chicken Parmesan or salmon. Dessert.