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Jan 19, 2014 12:50 PM

Lunch in Brentwood?

Girlfriend just moved here and I have no idea where to find a good casual lunch. I've tried Plan Check and liked it, anything else like that around here?

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  1. Farmshop (in Brentwood Country Mart).

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      1. La Scala Presto for Chopped Salad. Brentwood Cafe (next to The Brentwood) for anything on the menu, it's all great. Belwood bakery. Coral Cafe. Farmshop. Head to Santa Monica for endless restaurants and cafes.

        1. Tavern? I believe there's a casual side....more of a cafe. Not that the restaurant is really all that fancy.

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            There is a more casual side in front. Agree that while very pretty the patio is not overly fancy.

          2. Neither tavern nor Farmshop are "like" Plan Check.....especially price wise....

            In Brentwood, you're basically just looking at the places on
            San Vicente between 26th & Wilshire. In the Country Mart, Barney's burgers is decent and there's a Frida's taqueria that sounds new, haven't been so I'm not familiar with it.

            There are more places if you head south on 26th to Santa Monica.