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Jan 19, 2014 09:59 AM

Banh Mi + Pho in the same place?

When one is craving pho... and the other half is craving a banh mi... is there any one Vietnamese place in Minni that does both well?

Sidenote: Looks like Pho Tao Bay does banh mi - and I love their pho. Does the banh mi stand up?

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  1. I was going to say Pho Tao Bay, yes they are good. Grilled chicken or pork, extra meat.

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      This is a Minnie/St. Paul thread so ipho/Saigon works on Univ. in St. Paul. That's my go to place for bahn mi and they also have a full menu. I go for extra bbq pork!

      1. re: stepawayfromthetable

        I love their extra pork banh mi also. It is my fav.

    2. Our go to for that particular fix is iPho by Saigon.

      Edit- Oops. By Minni, did you mean Minneapolis? If so, then nevermind.

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        Yes, Minneapolis. This is the MSP board, correct?

        Pho Tao Bay it is. I'm curious to see what their banh mi is like. We make our own at home so often, I forget how cheap+easy they are out.

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          So sorry for asking for a clarification if you meant all of MSP or just Minneapolis. It won't happen again.

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            This is the Minneapolis - St Paul board. Sorry if you aren't asking for St Paul picks because ipho is mine also. Good pho and great banh mi.

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              St. Paul is not THAT far away from Minneapolis. For good bahn mi AND pho, iPho Saigon is the place.

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            Used to be good but now????? I wish Quangs were as good as they used to be. Banh Mi still good but Pho lacking in every way.

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              Isn't Banh Mi strictly a "to go" item at Quang?

              1. re: ChancesR

                I believe you're right. I've only been there once (last week) and they were at the counter.

                Yes Quangs is good. Their Broth was better than PTB or Pho79 but their tripe and tendon were worse as they both undercooked.

                My go to spot is Pho Tau Bay.

                1. re: ChancesR

                  We order banh mi to the table @ Quang, so it's not takeout only.

                  And what do people think the -SP in MSP stands for?

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                    I think some people are dyslectic and read it as MPS or MPLS?

                    1. re: phokingood

                      I just seen this on a review site.

                      "Ginger Hop has a fun, Southeast Asia meets Northeast MSP interior"

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                        Unless it's changed in the past couple of years, and it quite possibly has, Ginger Hop's banh mi is awful.


                    2. re: Foureyes137

                      I know, I know. Mpls is Minneapolis. MSP is Minneapolis St Paul. Gad, we are confusing.

                2. I'd go to Jasmine Deli!

                  1. La belle Crepe in the medical arts building downtown. both are quite good