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Restaurant for our book club

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We have a book club with members from the upper west side and the lower east side. We need to find a restaurant in-between - perhaps Union Square, but we're open to other neighborhoods that balance the degree of difficulty in reaching. Our requirements:
Round table (very important!) for 8
Quiet enough to allow discussion
$45-$50 for meal, wine, tax, tip

I turn to fellow Chowhounds for advice. We're discussing "The Goldfinch" if that helps provide inspiration! Many thanks.

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    1. Round Table places I remember going to:
      Dock's ( East 40's)
      Tribeca Grill
      Peking Duck House
      Golden Unicorn

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        I like Wolfgang's but it's definitely not quiet!

      2. I hope your book club went and saw the painting in person at the Frick! Today is the last day.

        1. They might have a round table for 8 - the restaurant in the Morgan Library would be a propos.

          1. Does anyone in the book club have access to one of the university clubs?