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Jan 19, 2014 07:50 AM

Aroy Aroy Thai Sushi (South Glastonbury, CT)

Anyone else been since this changed from Asian Fusion?

Anyone notice the price increases (not subtle) since the change in ownership?

We've been a handful of times. Some hits, some misses. Skip the tom ka. It's really not the same. And some of the pricing is really outta hand for what has always been a quaint little hole in the wall. Too bad.

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  1. We got takeout from Aroy Aroy once (not realizing that Asian Fusion was gone), but we did not have a good experience. We had a couple of noodle dishes with tofu, but we found the dishes bland without the extra sauce and the tofu just didn't taste quite right. We were sad to see Thai Angel go, but we always thought that Asian Fusion was a good replacement and tolerated their price increases because the quality didn't really drop. With the prices increasing again and with our awful first impression, I doubt we'll be back.

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      I, too, was sad to see Thai Angel go, but completely loved Asian Fusion because they still served good food and were so genuinely welcoming.

      Where do you prefer for Thai in your neck of the woods, crackersjacks?

    2. I stopped in the other day to grab a takeout menu and boy was I surpised! I was told that it was indeed new owners and then was in sticker shock when i took a look at the menu. The atmosphere certainly does not lend itself to those prices.

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