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Jan 19, 2014 07:24 AM

Indian buffet in Camberville?

Craving a solo Indian buffet lunch for tomorrow (Monday). Cafe of India was my go-to until it closed. Any recs? Cambridge/Somerville ideal, but I will travel for something that's really worth it. Good chai on tap is a big plus.

P.S. I know that I won't be getting the best local Indian food at a buffet, and I'm fine with that. I want the comfort-food-y buffet experience. Thanks!

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  1. Been a while since I've been back, but the Kebab Factory used to do a nice one. And Indian is a lonely exception to my "no buffets" rule.

    1. I can't speak for the quality because I'm relatively uneducated about Indian cuisine, but I've been enjoying the buffet at Masala in Teele Square in the last several months. In addition to the more-common vegetarian and chicken curries, pakora, etc., the buffet always has momos, often has mini-dosa-to-order, and occasionally has goat curry.

      They have chai on tap if you count one of those pushbutton coffee thermoses as a tap.

      The mild, sweet, lime green coconut-and-cardamom-seed chutney on the mini dosas is a nice touch.

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        I feel similarly. Based on ambiance as much as food, I like Maharaja, upstairs on JFK (used to be something else) and India Castle (or Palace?) on Mass. Ave. toward Central. I recall really liking Kebab Factory but haven't been in awhile.

      2. Wait until Tuesday and go to all-you-can-order dosa night at Dosa-N-Curry

        1. Tammy, i can actually report on kebab factory (across from Kirkland Tap, and Dali) cuz we've been going about 1x mo. for the last yr. Unfortunately, since changing owners (same chefs- go figure) the buffet is 90-100% the same every day. The reliable dishes are the tandoor chicken and veggie kabobs (de-skewered and kept on a hot plate), the red beans,potatoes, the tika masala sauce, and pakoras. They also have fresh naan, shrimp dish, rice, paneer dish, cream of mushroom soup, kheer, fresh fruit, condiments. For $9 it is a good deal.

          1. Haven't been lately, but I like the buffet at Kathmandu Spice in Arlington (near the Capitol theater). They post the day's menu on their web site so you can see if it appeals.