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Jan 19, 2014 12:57 AM

chinese ny oahu

anyone have a tip for fri 31st?

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  1. Don't know of any special events...probably late to get a reservation for any of the better places, but you can try.

    Little Village
    Mei Sum

    Is the ny in this thread title a typo or maybe I just don't get it?

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    1. re: macaraca

      "Chinese New Year." Took me a second to figure it out.

      1. re: kathryn

        Of course! had me stumped...kept wondering if NYC was somehow in there and didn't see the obvious.

      1. In my opinion all the great Chinese restaurants of Honolulu are all GONE!!! Ask any old timer and I bet they will agree with me. Remembering places like Wo Fat, Tasty Chop Suey, House of Hong, McCully Chop Suey , King's Palace (in Kaimuki) etc-I would ove to find something along those lines!!!! I'm in Hawaii only over the Christmas holiday so you got time to find me a place!

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        1. re: UES Mayor

          It's been a while but.... when did Tasty Chop Suey close?

          1. re: garrett

            Tasty Chop Suey may still be open-I was just remeniscing about my past favorites back in da good old days. (the 50s and 60s!)

          2. re: UES Mayor

            Sorry UES, I disagree. Chinese food for the most part is much better now than it used to be, or at least how it was in the late 70's when most of those old 'classics' had fallen into disrepair, served questionable food, and were run by people who just wanted to get out of the business.

            But getting back to the OP's question, going to Chinatown is fun on CNY, but if you want good food and good service you will probably do better any other time of the year. Its like going out for a meal on mother's day or valentines - you know its gonna be mediocre at best.

            1. re: KaimukiMan

              I'm with K-Man on this...I think nostalgia plays a pretty strong role in our memories of how good things were back in the day. I miss some of those old places, but wouldn't trade them for the fine dishes I've enjoyed more recently at Little Village, Kirin, Mings.

              As to what to look for on CYN, I think the formal observations with street food are not held on the actual weekend but there should be lion dances and lots of fireworks, especially along King St and up Maunakea starting around dusk. May find some food stands set up in the Chinese Cultural Plaza. Most restaurants, especially the more desirable, will almost surely involve a wait. Fook Lam might be worth a try as you can check out the scene inside the Cultural Plaza while you wait (probably need to station someone at the restaurant door so you don't miss your turn).

            2. re: UES Mayor

              House of Hong - was that the restaurant on Lewers Street before the remodel? If it is the place I am thinking of we loved that place! Family used to eat there a lot when we visited the island. Trying to find another place like it close by. Heading there next month with 30+ in our party.

              1. re: anniez23

                Yes House of Hong was on Lewers-Bar w piano on ground floor and escalator took you to dining room on 2nd floor. I loved going there before hitting the bars on Lewers back in da good old days!

            3. OP did not say where they want to have dinner or lunch. If the n y noise and festivities that you want, then Chinatown would be the place to go... They will have block party as well with all the firecrackers and dragon dances and other cultural performances.

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              1. re: roro808

                thanks for bringing that up.

                my dog is afraid of fireworks, so it would be lunch for the 31st.

                however, is there anythign going on during the general timeframe of chinese new year foodwise? even other cuisines besides chinese that come from places that celebrate lunar new year?

                1. re: indelibledotink

                  As mentioned previously, the main events are NOT on the 31st weekend. The block party is this weekend, Jan 24-25.
                  Friday 24th: Lion Dances, fireworks, Narcissus Court
                  6-9 pm starting on King St
                  Saturday 25th, 10am-10 pm Hotel and Smith, more of the same, with food booths, music stages
                  3-5:30, Parade with Royal Hwn Band, etc,
                  Sunday 26: Vietnamese New Year Festival, 9-4 Kapi'olani Park.

                  The 31st may be relatively quiet.